I’ve Decided I Don’t Like Pita Bread…for today



I am feeling super random today. I had a piece of pita bread this morning with hummus for breakfast. Yes, I eat really random items for breakfast. I don’t do french toast, pancakes or cereal.  I like curry, pizza and meat for breakfast.  However, after this morning, I don’t believe I like pita bread. It was super dry and I was not satisfied. There is nothing worse than an unsatisfying meal.


I look forward to my meals. I once woke up with my hands holding a hamburger. Apparently I had been dreaming lucidly about my food. How odd is that? I decided to look up in a dream book what it meant that I was eating a hamburger in my dream. According to one such dream analysis eating a burger signaled that I was getting to the heart of things relying on my instincts.


Now let me note that as a self-professed foodie, I am taking quite a chance with my foodie reputation by admitting that I no longer like pita bread. Foodies everywhere will profess their love of pita bread. In theory, I love pita bread. I love food teeming in sauce. Pita bread is perfect to scoop up sauce, hummus, tahini and such.  At the moment, though, I feel that Naan, lavash, injera, or flatbread can do as good a job or even better.  I am sure that if you check with me in two months, my love affair with pita bread will be renewed. For today, I am ready to move on. I am not too sure there is any food that I have always kept up a love affair with. Hmm. Let me think about that. For a long while, I loved key lime pie. Then I stopped a few years back. For a few years, I loved pancakes and then I completely turned against it. There was a time when I ate tuna fish every week. I was poor and it was low fat.  Made sense to eat tuna fish and to love it. Then one day, I because severely allergic to tuna.  It was just so random. It’s all random.


I tell you what, I have never stopped loving french fries and I have never stopped loving bagels. I am a true New Yorker.


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