Juxtaposition is the spice of life in a crapshoot world



Thelma and Louise had nothing on them.  Sure a meek housewife and a rowdy waitress, on a short fishing trip that ends up in the car jump of a lifetime could be seen as a dynamic duo. But Jack and John two world kids brought up in a hard land destined for very different life paths were also a dynamic duo. Everyone has that friend that is completely different. One can be the wallflower in a party and be best friends with the life of the party.  It’s just how life works.


That is why when John rubbed the lamp from the market and was given a chance to experience his own version of Freaky Friday, he didn’t hesitate for a second.  He not only switched bodies with his best friend- let’s call him Jack-but they regressed in age to a time where they didn’t know what their paths would end up being.


So there they were walking hand in hand experiencing each other’s perspectives. If only everyone could that for a day.  The question, now though, was what next?  Usually in the movies they would reach some point of enlightenment and then their bodies would magically swap back. But no true enlightenment had been reached. He would continue to be a rebel without a cause and why shouldn’t he? Or maybe they didn’t have to switch back or even grow back old.  Could they stay like this forever? They could be the walking freak show of juxtaposition prompting people to stop and consider what it means to be different and complimentary to one another.  They could be a catalyst for world change. Or they could not be.  At this point it was all a crapshoot.


They walked down the street and joined a game of chance. What will it be?

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