Gatherings and moments in time across the globe


Back in college on summer day, I was returning from my field work trip. I was doing a summer research program that had saved me from a summer of couch surfing. I was walking across campus, deep in thought as to what I needed to accomplish the next day. As I walked a lovely dorm, I came up on a field that is often filled with those throwing a frisbee across those that are sunbathing (well in the warmer months).


I expected to see a similar scene. Instead there was no one around. It was eerily quiet and empty. Which is often how a college campus appears to be on a summer day.  Then as I scanned the field, I noticed something even more eery.  Gathered in a semi-circle, over 50 squirrels just stood there munching away on nuts. They were just all neatly standing in a semi-circle. I thought it was cute, at first, Then I got scared and ran back to my dorm.

When I got back to my dorm, I was upset with myself that i didn’t have my camera with me to have documented that experience. I knew no one would ever believe me that there was a cabal of squirrels openly planning away our demise out in the quad. Since then and of course, with the advent of the smartphone, I snap away at random events and gatherings throughout my travels.

Below are some of my snaps of random groups from this past year from Vancouver to San Francisco, to Kona. Each captured a moment in time and bits of interpersonal culture across species. So much can be learned and interpreted in a snapped moment.





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