luka facing bear

The best expression is at times that which the photograph leaves to your imagination

new cocktail

Don’t gag while I eat and I will stand the smell of Brussels Sprouts

pale horses

A storm is coming home to our soil: Thankfully It’s winter and it won’t rain on my parade

new dessert

I will not throw in the towel: But for every “yes” there must be a “no”


My Snarky Resolutions for the Coming Year: I vow to not believe the hype or false praise

No thumbnail for My throwback Thursday Wish: Tell me a story

My throwback Thursday Wish: Tell me a story

Ducks enjoying the tranquility of the Austrian countryside

The Kids are Alright but don’t let them fart in school or play with hand sanitizer: This week’s wacky news

bacon ketchup

It’s Time to Stand Up to Those Involved in The Big Ketchup Conspiracy


And then there were four states: Sunshine and gray skies in Appalachia as I become the boss


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