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The sheep’s roar

Quiet and whimpering Shaved and used A mind abused But watch out The little sheep seems predictable But don’t say we didn’t warn you about the indictable We can only guess what’s coming next for it won’t be explicable Not a fool for spool It’s searching for the […]

Shady catty liars

Some fat cats in zoot suits Throwing darts with sharp tongues Twisting words in the wind Truth leaves a bitter taste Lies soothe their jagged cheeks They dance to a different beat Faking reality rolling a ball of dust They are shady catty liars Save your breathe Ready, […]

I’m a champion

I’ll win, but at what cost I’ll bring it home, to what applause I’ll reign supreme, yet the mudslide is thick I’ll cross the finish line, with aches and broken bones Talk to me without the advesarial stance We can dance to careless whispers Hopscothing in the moonlight […]