Today, I felt a sense of legacy

It was an important day. A major milestone. A once in a lifetime day. My son had his first day of high school. As a New Yorker, he commuted on the train on his own to school. I was a worried wart through and through. I had him text me at each major pivot point in the journey. I made him take a few selfies. And the feeling I felt upon seeing his piercing eyes looking back at me, at the front door of his school, was overwhelming. It felt like I put on a new pair of glasses that had been adjusted for further clarity and crisper vision.

I’ve always seen you for you

Unique, sure-footed, loving

Today, on a momentous day

I saw me in your eyes

You have my eyes

You have the seriousness

You have the determination

You have the willingness to embrace the situation

I was struck to see this clearly

I’m dumfounded by you being me

I always more than loved

Today, I felt a sense of legacy

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  1. Seeds of Life
    Spread From
    Eye to Eye From
    Mother to Son
    Kudos For
    Your Son Taking
    A Train to School

    Hehe A Bus Was
    Just About too

    Complicated for
    me at That Age With
    SMiLes as i Only Had
    A Block to Walk to High School..

    And Elementary School too Oh That
    Bus in Middle School Go Away Memories

    And Don’t Come
    Back Unless Ya
    Are Needed
    For Poetry

    Muse Hehe..:)


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