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Here’s a to-don’t list

Don’t forget to be humble Don’t talk over others Don’t be too proud to ask for help Don’t blindside people Don’t just stand in your shoes Don’t take yourself for granted Don’t forget to say thank you Don’t create chaos for fun and chuckles Don’t forget to give […]

We’ve all written that list

It’s all been written before It’ll be written again There’s always been a list Thousands, in fact But we’ve all written that list And, it’s flipside We’ve tried to square away the reasons We’ve tried to work into the list We’ve tried to walk out from the list […]

The pain finds the pockets

Pain coursing through the veins Unyielding and smothering Taking over every joint Warping the mind and disturbing the synapses In time, it becomes the pain And in turn, the pain searches It then finds pockets in which to breed It doesn’t hide but it plays peekaboo Tick tock, […]

Came guns blazing

Easy going, filled with mirth But being toppled over wasn’t on her agenda Little did they know that little Bo Peep was standing her ground This was her turf Her mind was all rapid fire She came guns blazing Her wit was sharp Her facts straight Her inner […]

Fallen: Mindmelds and carcasses

The snowflakes touch the ground softly The rain pitter patters onto the concrete The water overflow caresses the floor But the mind crashes the lightning cart Explodes upon impact Detonates like a firebomb No soft landing there Fallen and slow to rise Fallen and all alarms sound Fallen […]

And, I wept

I stand before a deep red sea Staring out into the horizon Wondering whether to flee Knowing that already there are many spies in And, despise them I do Betrayal runs deep But I stand still asking for a clue I do already know I will leap For […]