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My hopes were stained

I saw the dot And it pricked my gut It mocked my dreams And it dulled my tongue I couldn’t wish it away And my hopes were stained It brutishly aged my beliefs And it showed me my mountains I was made mutedly fraught And it was a […]

What do I feel?

What do I feel? Can a birdie tap me on my shoulder, whisper in my ear and tell me? What do I feel? Can a fly on the wall break through, buzz my ear and tell me? What do I feel? Can a puppy wake from slumber, kiss […]

There’s no guaranteed lightswitch

Instability Rickety slates The air empty of fate Sprinting through the heavy doors Blinded by the darkness Dizzy spots fill the irises Blood pressure rises The boogeyman awaits The city lights but a flicker in the highrises There’s no guaranteed lightswitch There’s no real life insurance Just forbearance and weighted […]

Soul patrol

Rolling slowly, cautiously Rolling with a  hundred and one pounding heartbeats Rolling wildly, furiously   The ups and downs of the ideals clash Racing towards a pile up crash     Rolling steadily, mightily Rolling with a grand plan to beat the heartless Rolling, majestically, heroically     […]