It never ends, until it does


Not gaining


Waiving goodbye



Yet tiring


But no good fights



Go again

It never ends

Until it does

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  1. It’s Really Sadly Amazing So Many Parents Where
    i Live Who Say They Believe in the Sanctity

    Of Life Send Their Children

    This Morning Breathing

    Free Unmasked


    In A Hot Spot of

    Pandemic Schools

    Where 66 Children Tested
    Positive on the Very First Day

    They Still Aren’t Releasing the

    Numbers of Teachers Who are Positively

    Out of School Infected too Yet Our County

    Held the State High of Children Infections Last

    Year When Masks Were Mandated And It Wasn’t

    Nearly As Dangerous

    As the Pandemic

    Is For Children

    Now The Area

    Held the Record

    Book for the Most

    Churches Per Square

    Mile There is Something

    Common In This Area Indeed

    When Politics And Church Sleep

    In The Same DiSEaSE oF IGNorance Now
    Our Child Was Born Without The Ability to

    Breathe Only Pain He Never Smiled At All

    i Do Believe if i had Children i would Just
    Have to Move Away it’s Just Not A Safe Place

    Anymore for The Children of ‘The New Corn’…
    Where Has Empathy, Compassion, And Reason
    Gone Take Any of The Three Away and Love is Lost in Space

    in this


    Zone for Real

    of Soylent Green Charlton
    Heston’s Children Again Yuck…

    Anyway There’s something in a Book
    Written About A Day When it Won’t Be Safe to Be a Child
    in this World of course that depends on Locality, Locality,




    As Blind Faith

    Becomes Deadly…

    And Real GoD Nature is
    Never Masked With No Issue of Wrath
    Just Silence in Karma of Action and

    Consequence FOR REAL Live or die dire…
    Anyway As Always Best Wishes to You in
    New, York, New York, in the Health Field There
    Administrating Safely For Folks to Escape Deadly Ignorance too…

    If Not Life Will

    Be Shorter



    And Always
    Sad In Deeds

    So Dark So Blind So Blind in Deed….


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