The sheep’s roar

Quiet and whimpering

Shaved and used

A mind abused

But watch out

The little sheep seems predictable

But don’t say we didn’t warn you about the indictable

We can only guess what’s coming next for it won’t be explicable

Not a fool for spool

It’s searching for the escape in the drool

With one eye on the shears and gruel

Time will come for the fall

It will sing a song that rises above it all

It will lead to massive openings of gall

A children’s cautionary tale

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  1. i Recently Used the Song “Dogs” From Pink Floyd’s
    ‘Animals’ Album And The Song “Sheep” From

    That Album Surely Fits in

    Here So Ready

    And Willing

    To Be Fleeced

    True Shall the
    Sheep Finally Roar No

    Yet That’s What Sheep
    Do They Live Under



    RiSinG Higher
    On the Mountain
    Side Sure Footed Rams too…

    i Suppose it’s All in Horns or Lack




    To Save
    From Falling too High..:)


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