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To go to sleep

To go to sleep Tired and confused To go to sleep Unwittingly and naively To go to sleep Full of grace To go to sleep With love in mind To go to sleep Passionately awake To go to sleep With the hope of waking up To go to […]

Go to sleep wretched fingers

Those wretched set of fingers Twisted and bloodied From bearing false witness Pained and bruised Like an inflamed ego flapping in the wind Oh they have cramped Bearing the weight of empty noise Those wretched set of fingers Pointed and shouted Should have been long muted Were allowed […]

It’s ok to mourn at any point

This is going to be a rather odd narrative for the holiday season. Especially considering that along with Hanukkah and Christmas, we will now be celebrating Three Kings Day.  Our very first celebration. Although, we actually celebrated this by mistake when we were in Greece in January, many […]