Shotglass nostalgia

Do you have any collections?

I love collecting items. Although, lately, I have been getting rid of some items that have needed to go away a while ago. Other things I’ve been moving on are those that sadly need to move on so we can mentally move on. Basically, there is a lot of moving on. Nevertheless, I like my collectibles.

One of the things I collect are shotglasses from all the states and countries to which I have been. I like finding shotglasses, which can really stir up a memory of the visited location.

Considering I’ve been to all 50 states and many countries, my shotglass collection is rather large. Admittedly, I have used maybe 1/15th of them. I think it’s time I threw a party.

Even though my collection is rather large. It can be larger. There are more countries to go and experience. More places to go to develop long-lasting memories.

What tickles me a bit is that my son started a collection of his own at a very young age. Basically, at age one. Ostensibly, one can say I started it for him. But it was really all him. Very early on, he developed a fondness for penguins. This was even more enhanced after we went to Australia and caught at dawn a march of the penguins. My mother loved penhuins. Thus, I encouraged my son’s penguin fondness. Interestingly, many countries to which we have been have had penguin plushies and the like. His penguin collection is huge. And, I hope it gets bigger with time.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam
    my Sister Collects

    Photographs of

    Pretty Birds With Her
    Camera With A Lens

    Almost as Long as a

    Barrel of A Rifle Yes

    True She Shoots Birds
    ThiS Way to Keep Their

    Beauty Alive in Photographs

    i Do Still Have A Matchbox Car And
    Hot Wheels Car Collection From Youth

    And Yes It’s True too i Captured 6 Years
    of Ecstatic JoY iN SMiLes in the Biggest

    (Until Covid-19 Shut it Down on 3.12.2020
    And Considering i Started Getting Violent
    Threats on the Dance Floor From the Local
    ‘Trump Voters’ my Wife Said That’s Enough
    Particularly Now that DeSatanis Has issued
    the Right to Carry Guns Concealed With No

    Legal Permits to Limit Carnage on the Street

    Anyway Public Stores Are Still Safe Dance Havens)

    Metro Dance Hall Ironically Dancing Solo as Happily
    Married All Those Years i Never Solo Approached Any

    Strange Young Women to Dance Although They Participated

    With Me in my Own Ecstatic Joy of Free Solo Dance So Together

    in Well Over 2000 Photos Those Memories of Heaven on the Dance

    Floor Do Still
    Exist With me

    With SMiLes and
    Of Course Those are
    only the Memories Captured
    in Selfies There Are So many

    Others More Than Stars May Be counted
    in Night Skies With Naked Eyes For Sure

    There are So Many Photos to Continue to Share
    on my Blogs and Facebook And the Such i Will Never

    Run Out of Ecstatic

    JoY iN SMiLes

    To Share With

    The World With
    Mostly The Young
    Women From Our Conservative

    Area of ‘Footloose Free Dance’ With me Hehe Three Generations

    True During Those 6 Years So Many Daughters i Danced With indeed..:)


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