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Just another day gone by

It’s just another day,
Where people cling to light,
To drive away the fear,
That comes with every night–oingo boingo

What a day! The amount I accomplished yet not accomplished is both outstanding and staggering on some levels. All day, I’ve also had a ringworm pounding in my head. I’ve been humming to Oingo Boingo’s song Just Another Day.

And just when I think
That things are in their place,
The heavens are secure,
The whole thing explodes in my face!

You start off a day, perhaps with dread. Perhaps with hope. Then, the day gets cluttered and perhaps shattered. The day becomes riddled with excuses and accomplishments. The day has quiet moments, perhaps it has booming sounds. And, you know what? It’s just another day.

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  1. “Oingo Boingo” BRings Memories
    And Yes ‘Ear Worms’ of “Weird Science”

    Still Carrying Out my ‘Little Experiment’ Newly Now

    Yet “Just Another Day Gone By” is A Song i Apparently

    Missed in the 80’s They Must Have Not Played it At the

    ‘2001 Club’ Dance Hall Then

    Nearly As Much As ‘Weird

    Science’ For Sure

    SMiLes Dear Miriam

    Finding Balance is A Mighty

    Task For Perhaps More Folks Than

    Ever in A Faster Changing Modern CuLTuRE

    Than Ever Before Plus Add ‘IT’ Happens And

    Seemingly The Wash Rinse And Dry Cycle continues

    to get


    and dryer

    Until We Rain Again

    Just Rain Again Free

    Ocean Whole Falling

    From The Skies Water Same
    Always Changing Yet STiLL Water…

    Other Than That Just Got Through

    Contemplating Dave Koz With my Sister And Whatever Became

    of ‘FM Jazz’ As ‘They’ Used to Play it On the Radio on Sunday Morning…

    Yes in
    The 80’s too…

    Anyway Ending
    Up And Beginning
    Again With Earl Klugh
    Just Living iNSiDE LoVE iN
    Peace God Yes So Very Free..:)


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