No one else can mourn with you

Grief is a lonely journey. Others will offer you compassion. Others will offer a shoulder and hand. Many will say kind words. Many will send condolence notes that are touching. It is lovely and comforting to have well-meaning people around you.

However, no one else can truly mourn with you. It is your own journey. And, it’s a rollercoaster. Grief hits at random moments. And, even when others are around, that moment where grief hits you, loneliness envelops you.

It’s ok.

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  1. SMiLes Indeed Our Emotions
    Are Unique For Us To Color and
    Grief Dear Miriam is Surely Unique
    To Every Soul Perhaps
    A Hardest Kind
    of Grief and
    is When One’s Closest
    One’s of Blood Are No Where
    To Be Found In Soul of Feelings
    As The Emptiness Continues the
    Search For What Seemingly Never
    At All…
    To Love
    And To Feel
    Love A Greatest
    Gift Closely Related iN Peace
    to Grief and Mourning Indeed…


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