So many people are missing receipts, but I always have mine

When you watch the natuonal news, or any supposed news show, people spout on and on acting as if they are all-knowing and are quite self-righteous. I know a few people like that myself in my personal life. This act of oblivious self-appointed superiority annoys me to no end. Most of the time, these people are quite smug.

What I have come to find is that these impossibly smug people never have what we call “receipts”. And, the best way to defeat such people is to have your own receipts.

I am the queen of documentation. Contemporaneous notes. Accumulated proof. People are messy and always leave breadcrumbs to their detriment if you follow the trail.

My son spoke up at his dad’s eulogy. What he mentioned was that his dad always had his back. And, he noted how his dad taught him that the best way to counter unfair teacher criticisms was to just to his best and be the best. Have receipts. Do well. Others can talk smack but your accomplishments speak volumes. That’s my interpretation. But I believe it is widely valid.

Always do your best. Detractors will always detract but be secure in your best-put efforts.

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  1. Or, as we say in the fiction business, DO THE WORK.
    Because, over the long run, it shows.
    If you didn’t check the spelling of a company’s name, you will get it wrong – and someone will take glee in correcting you.
    Or if you let your timeline management slide a bit, someone will catch you in a plot hole, and take great pleasure in telling you so. Upon which notice you will have to scramble.
    That’s why, when I used to solve problems in plasma physics, I would always write a program to do any calculations, and annotate the heck out of that thing, because I could almost COUNT on having to do it again, change something, repeat, and come back to it months later when the original version’s answers finally came back from review. A few words in comment statements here and there made it SO much easier. After a while, thrown-together programs were discarded before they even ran the first time, and a more tidy approach left a clear path for the next time.
    Who was it that said, “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, do you really have time to do it over?”
    Because you will. IMNVHO


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