Dirty laundry kept the relationship fresh

This was their ritual. Every other Sunday, they would go do laundry. Even though they lived in a fun, nice building, they still didn’t have a washer and dryer in their apartment. It was vastly annoying.

Hence, they started a laundry sunday ritual where they could clean and air out items. It was a set time and place to fucus their thoughts and words. And, coffee kept them energized in their spirted discussions. People often asked them how they had stayed together so long. The answer was simple.

Dirty laundry kept the relationship fresh.

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  1. Memories of ‘Laundry Mats’
    Early in Our Marriage of

    Living in Apartments too

    Books of Budgets Dreams

    Of Living More Than Pay Check

    to Pay Check Oh Those Books Went

    on For Decades And Saw Several Washing

    Machines and Dryers of Our Own too Oh God
    Wash Rinse
    Dry Cycles

    of Life

    The Glue
    Dear Miriam

    That Holds

    Life Together

    Same Enough For Sane Dear Lord

    And It’s True The Most Mundane

    Experiences We May Transform

    into The Most Holy and Sacred

    Of Places of LoVE iN Peace

    True A Within Game

    This Dream’s

    Fruition Is
    Was And
    Will Be Now As Well..:)


  2. We used to do that, in grad school – haul all our laundry across the street and up a bit, and do it all at the same time. Together. Neither of us could carry it all and do it alone.

    Warm jeans, clean sheets, quickly folding one’s underwear – almost fun.


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