Strange slippers

I rarely go to sleep early. And, that is by whatever definition you come up with. I typically go to sleep between 1am and 2am. Hence, 11:30pm is early for me. Coincidentally, the other night, I went to sleep around 11:30pm. That was a major accomplishment for me in terms of sleep regulation.

Wonderful. A great accomplishment. I woke up somewhat refreshed. At this point, my sleep deficit is so enormous that it can not be really replenished.

I woke up and stared down at the floor. Something looked odd. My slippers were strange-looking to me. One was facing me, and the other was facing away from me. I had to wonder how I had contorted my feet in such a way. I had to wonder how such a contortion didn’t wake me up.

Everything was and is upside down. It’s like I’m in some alternate universe. As such, my slippers should reflect that conflict.

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  1. Ah Yes The Slipper Fairies Similar to the
    Sock Gremlins That Only Leave One Behind

    True the Slipper Fairies

    May Rearrange

    Your House Slippers

    in Any Direction They Like

    True It’s Just A Suggestion


    Leave to
    MoVE iN
    Another Direction

    As Legend Newly Tales at
    Least With SMiLes of Alternate
    Realities iMaGiNaTioN SPRinGS With




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