Eggs and lasagna: Part of my new life path

I believe that by now, we all know that inflation has struck. My coke zeros have doubled in price. Eggs are astronomically high. Here, in New York, eggs are 10 dollars a carton. Wozers! Eggs got hit with a double-whammy: inflation and bird flu. And, now apparently, lasagna is the latest indicator of inflation.

Interestingly enough, both eggs and lasagna have been part of my life the last three weeks. Friends have been kind to get my groceries and more groceries. As well as cooking. Part of all this post-death scenario, eggs and lasagna have been staples. I feel quite honored by it. Eggs are super important and part of our national discourse. And, people – my friends – have stepped up to gift me eggs so that I can stay nourished as I forgot to eat.

Just like eggs, I’ve eaten a lot of lasagna lately. I can truly say I had not had lasagna in about 10 years. Now, I receive a week’s eorth of it. And, I happily eat it every day (even for breakfast). I had forgotten that I used to love that.

Grief, mourning, and death bring many things back into and out of one’s life. I’m especially honored as these items come at high inflationary cost. It’s sweet!

If you have any good egg recipes, send them my way.

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  1. You can make a quiche out of any combination of already-cooked proteins and vegetables (that aren’t too wet) by using 1 whole egg for every 1/2 cup of heavy cream, and sprinkling in some spices or cooked onions.
    I use 1-1/2 cup of cream and 3 eggs for a casserole-sized container baked in the oven at 375 for 45 minutes, with a mixture of ham, Swiss cheese, and, say, broccoli. I sprinkle on some onion salt, some celery salt, a bit of paprika, and a tiny bit of nutmeg (all four in powder form – watch your quantities), and will then eat quiche hot or cold for a week – a quick breakfast, or lunch with something else.
    I make two of these almost every two weeks, and always have a slice of something nutritious and easy to eat.
    You asked. Without a crust (the way I make them), they are low-carb.
    You can make them in a commercial crust or pre-baked crust if you want.
    My original recipes came from Julia Child’s cookbooks, and are more elaborate, but this is how I can get up every morning and breakfast is ready. One night of cooking (45 min. to chop everything up and mix it, 45 min. to bake) leads to two weeks of appropriate low carb meals for me.


  2. Oh Dear Lord Dear Miriam
    Eggs Are A Favorite Part of my
    Diet my Sister Even Calls me “Eggman”

    For the Love of Eggs i Do Consume As my
    Wife Makes Them So Many Different Ways

    Recently With Sautéed Mushrooms And Spinach Before

    Yes With Avocado in Omelets True Yet A Best Part of Eggs

    Other Than The Free Ones my Wife’s Sister Delivers Off Her

    Farm in the North Part of the County is The Everyday Breakfast

    In America Waitresses Who Exude True Humble Human Warmth

    At the ‘iHop’ And Such Same Kind i Delivered For Free of Charge

    Working Yes in Customer
    Service Then in A Humble
    Military Bowling Center
    Job For Almost Two Decades

    Oh Yes And The Warmth of the
    Village When Grief Comes As the
    Bowlers There Collected Enough Money
    For Us to Stay At A Hotel in Gainesville When Our Child
    Stayed There in Shands Hospital For 51 Days Until He passed away

    It’s Not Everywhere We Find Human Warmth These Days

    Yet in Pockets Online it Still Exists And Everywhere We Take

    It to Others For Free When Real Everyday An Opportunity for

    ‘Breakfast in America’ Putting People First Again And Things Last For Real..:)


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