I slept for a little bit

I’m not going to lie. I’m a bit groggy. I may or may not make any sense. After a day intermixed with work and having a difficult post office transaction, I needed to sit on the couch and watch a completely silly no-effort movie. I watched the Netflix movie called You People. Within 20 minutes, I ended up falling asleep. My nap was really no intended reflection on the movie. After all, I slept through it. But it did help me get what I needed all along: a nap.

When someone close to you dies, there’s a lot of paperwork. Endless paperwork. And, one has to mail do many original death certificates. Getting 10 death certificates may not be enough. The amount of people and institutions who need to be notified is staggering. I can only handle two of those transactions a day.

Today, I to send via certified mail a death certificate. That meant going to the post office where the directions to send out a certified document are posted at the clerk’s window. However, you are expected to have the proposed certified document all ready to go before you get to the window. And, I was repeatedly told that no employee could help me because then they would be liable. Luckily, a fellow customer saw my death certificates and how flustered I was and helped me set it all right.

By the time the day ended, I was depleted. A nap on the couch while “watching” a silly movie was what I needed.

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  1. Oh Goodness Dear Miriam
    Yes if The Grief of A Loved
    One’s Death is Not Enough It May

    Be A Long Lasting Effort

    to Get All the Paper

    Work and Estate All
    Settled With my Father

    It Took Two Years Two

    Long Years Indeed He Wasn’t

    One To Take Care of Those Kind of Details

    On The Other Hand my Mother Had All the
    Details Squared
    Away Before

    She Left Us
    Fortunately For
    me i Inherited More

    of my Mother’s Detail
    Thinking Mind As Dear Lord

    At Work i Was Almost Always the

    One to Correct the Mistakes of Others

    Or Even Do Their Job if Necessary as i Never

    Had to Fire Anyone i Just Didn’t Have That in me…

    i Suppose it Came From my Mother too As She Never
    Gave up on me

    i Just Extended

    The Favor to

    Most Everyone
    Else in Life i Suppose

    in the Long Run More Gift Than Curse
    For Sure Kindness Wins Out in my Life
    At Least With Enough Patience of Course…

    Hehe Yes Literally More Patience Than ‘Job’
    Along the Whole Trail of Come What May For Real..:)


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