Thinking is difficult; that’s why most people judge

I’m tired. Haven’t slept, really slept, in days. Maybe it’s being in this semi- state of perpetual tiredness, but I saw a quote that just stayed in my head all day.

Thinking is difficult; that’s why most people judge

I’ve seen this quote before. It’s believed to be misattributed to psychologist Carl Jung. It appears to be a simplified version of something else he once said: Thinking is difficult. Therefore, let the herd pronounce judgment!

Are we not in a time of herd mentality? Cancel culture from all sides and ends of the spectrum? Any spectrum; including political, workplace, and even families. I like the herd mentality version better than the oft-repeated version of that’s why people judge. It makes it about one person’s judgment, ignoring the fact that there are numerous pressures to judge people at large for even minor infractions, mistakes, or held title.

Perhaps I’m too much a GenExer. We tend to be quite cynical. Never believe the hype. Never trust a rumor.

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