The pizza that just wasn’t meant to be

The other day, I was lamenting the fact that a certain pizza place didn’t seem to ever work out. Whenever we ordered delivery, either the delivery person would go the wrong way, the pizza would arrive cold, or have the wrong toppings. Yet, we would keep giving them a try since my son really liked the taste of their pizza (when it did come).

I was ready to give up on the pizza, but my son begged we give more chance by ordering at a different hour. I gave in. We ordered. And, then it all went wrong.

The delivery guy first went to deliver pizzas to the other side of the avenue. Consequently, he was about 20 minutes late. Then, when he finally arrived, he didn’t buzz us. I went downstairs to meet him outside, and he looked very sad. He had no pizza for us. A car passenger had opened their door right as he was passing and hit the pizza. It fell to the ground and got all mushed up. There was no pizza to be had. And, alas, I will not be ordering from there again. Obviously, it wasn’t the delivery guy’s fault, and I was glad that he was not injured. That was more important than the pizza.

But that pizza placed just seemed jinxed to me. And, I’m very superstitious. Luckily, we’re in New York City and there’s about 1,001 pizza joints to try. You just have to know when to walk away sometimes.

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