January has again hurt my spirit and broken my heart: Goodbye, dear one

January’s have been hard for me. I’ve lost three dear loved ones in past January’s. When I seemingly got through this past Friday, the 13th, I breathed a sigh of relief. That was foolish of me.

I sit here having cried for two days now. Grief never goes away. That is what I had to tell my son today as we mourned the sudden death of my husband.

For now, I don’t have it in me to write anymore. I’m heartbroken and angry at the world. I look at my son and know that our lives have changed forever more. I’m left to wonder why the month of January has decided to bring me pain once again.

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  1. Oh my god, I (and Chris) are so sad for you and your son. I remember him with a lot of fondness. I know you will have too much going on, so don’t worry about responding. And echoing you–the grief doesn’t go away. It eventually becomes more bearable but it is a long long time. I hope you and your son can cry together.

    I love you, my friend, and am so heartbroken.


  2. Dear Mimi,
    I juat discovered you through your notice on EsoterX that your husband, Aaron, died suddenly, January 16, just a few days ago.

    I’ve followed his blog for years but knew little about him, so was distressed that he had died but gratified that you shared with his fans and followers a little about his human-ness.

    Last night, I listened to the podcast you recommended. I also understand your son wants to continue in his father’s vein of posting blogs about verified stories of the supra-normal.

    Looking at your blog, I see that you, too, are an individual I could like and respect, learn from, and whose company I would enjoy, if we ever have the chance to meet in person.

    Best wishes to you and yours.


    • Thank you so much for your very kind note. I’m touched by how many people enjoyed his stories and writing. Slowly, my son will take over. And, aaron and I used to always joke that our blogs were so different we’d never have readers in common. Although, I’d say we’re both a bit incredulous and cynical of the world at-large. Maybe, its a GenX thing.
      Again, thank you for your note. I’ll keep you all posted of further news.

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      • I’m following your blog, too, now. I find it refreshingly real, even if you and Aaron had different interests and topics.

        It seems your son has a couple of excellent role models. He’s lucky that way.


  3. You and your son have my deepest condolences. I received the notification on EsoterX and have been grieving for your family ever since.

    I worked with Aaron 20 years ago. He was a genius at cracking seemingly impossible problems. He had a positive impact on so many careers (and therefore livelihoods and lives) because he was also genius at and generous with sharing his knowledge. He helped me with a career decision many years later when I reached out to him, out of the blue, for advice and I am indebted. It was sound advice that I followed. If there is ever anything I can do for either of you, I would be honored.


    • Hi Suni
      Were you by any chance draw the person who created a refrigerator magnet many, many years ago that you gave to him? Of do, we still have it after all these many years.
      Thank you for your note. I will be sure to share this memory with our son. We will be doing a service in mid february that we will also zoom. I can send you the link.

      Best wishes


  4. Dear sweet Mimi – I have not been actively following your blog for a while. Imagine my shock and sadness, then, when I looked today and learned of your great loss. I am so sorry that your son and especially your have received such an unexpected blow. I hope the thoughts and prayers and condolences from your followers and others who have been grateful and enlightened to receive and share your thoughts and creativity through your blog (and apparently your late husband’s as well) will provide you some comfort. Seems like your son has always been wise beyond his years. Maybe there was a reason? May your mutual strength and support of each other carry you through.


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