Forevermore, I pray you have found peace

I’m sorry you were in pain

I’m sorry you were alone

I’m sorry life was a bit cruel

I can only hope you’re no longer in pain

I can’t say I understand why you’re gone

I just know we have to get through no longer having you around

But there is no getting through it

It’s surviving and hoping for resiliency

Today, I cry

Tomorrow, I mourn

Thereafter, I grieve

Forevermore, I pray you have found peace

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  1. My most sinceres condolences,
    When I read this post first time I thought you were referring to your pekingese as you mentioned it in your previous post. I didn’t know you lost your husband!

    Be strong, and Blessings for you and your son.

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  2. Dear Miriam. Your post about your son trying on his father’s suit for the memorial service was heartbreakingly beautiful. I have been away from the blogs due to serious illness (and now near blindness) for a very long time and am just getting caught up to realize your loss. It feels wrong somehow – immoral actually – to click the “like” button on your posts of grief, of grieving, of righteous anger. May his memory be a blessing to you and your son. Be gentle to yourselves and let the waves come and recede in turn, as they will. Babsje


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