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Off into the sunset they were going

They were trying to outrun the sunset. But there was no way to do so. The sun was setting, and they were heading right into the belly of the nightmare.

They had made a promise to each other. And, now they had to honor it. Off into the sunset they were going. And, the truth was going to set them free even though they had tried to outrun it.

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  1. Ordinarily Off Into the Sunset
    A Beautiful Place Yet It’s

    Also True As Elton
    John Sings

    “Don’t Let
    The Sun Go
    Down on me”

    Dear Miriam

    For Seemingly

    Even in Bright
    Sunshiny Days
    Even With the
    Pet of a Pet

    That Warmth
    May Be No WeaR

    To Find Someone Turned
    The Lights Off i Am Blind

    No Longer


    Away Within

    Finding Seeing
    And Hearing
    Has Little to

    Do With Warmth Within
    Chasing the Afternoon Sunshine
    Becoming Midnight Forever Again…


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