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So many subscriptions and not enough time

I will go straight to the point. I am subscribed to way too many services. I don’t even have a handle on how many things with which I have a recurring monthly relationship. It’s a bit much. And, I am very much aware that this is the case for million of other people. I know this to be true as I have seen many commercials on Hulu (one of my many atreaming subscriptions) for new apps that help you manage your subscription services. When I have seen such commercial advertisements, I have laughed. Now I wrinkle my nose wondering if I need those services. That is how schadenfreude feels.

Let’s get real. Many people got tid of cable because they felt oppressed by these cable companies. They wanted to feel free to lower their costs and select what is important to them. Turns out that with this a la carte approach, many people are perhaps paying just as much or more. I have to admit, I’m semi-gleeful at such a silly outcome. This is what one would call an unintended consequence. We think a new solution will be better, but we fail to anticipate all the possible paths that inevitably turn out to have some negative repercussions.

Now, we have way too many subscriptions. To everything. Not just streaming networks. We have subscriptions to notes management applications, as well as to password managers because of all the accounts we now have and to different news articles. I don’t believe we have the time for so many subscriptions. And, furthermore, it appears we have just cluttered our phones and minds even more.

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  1. LeSSoN of Humanity Most Dear Miriam
    ‘These Days’ NoW As Far As Terminator

    Titanic And Avatar Ways of the Water

    All ‘CaMeRoN’ iNSPiRinG God Yes Real

    Ocean Whole
    Waves Free

    Yes Come And
    Still Go For Real

    Master the Tool
    Yet Do Not Become
    Mastered By The Tool

    And Most Importantly

    Do Not Become the Tool
    The Machine All Plugged

    In As ‘Matrix Prophecies’

    Yes Diagnose The Human

    Condition These Days Yes

    Too So Many Clothes So Many

    Tools We Come to Be No Longer

    Focused On Prey One Task With Views

    Larger Than 6 Inch Screens Seeing Who

    The Predator Truly is on the Horizon Stealing

    Human HeART
    SPiRiT SoUL

    Beat For All Real



    -We iNDeeD

    This Living Tree
    Or Wilting Wild
    Weed No Longer
    Breaking Through
    Slabs of Concrete Living Dead

    Proud Weed Humbly FLoWeRinG Again
    Just Spreading Seeds to All FOuR Corners
    Of EartH Free Ever Since 6.6.60 Hehe With SMiles…

    Rocky Or Fertile Soil Matters Not Life is Death DarK iS LiGHT

    Happy Great Friday The 13th With SMiLes MaKinG NiGHT iNTo DaY

    The Night
    Merrying the
    Day Always Laser
    FoCuS on The TasK at
    Hand With Big Picture View

    Short Term Working
    Memory Long Term
    Memory Retrieval
    Conscious Yes

    iN Tandem

    iN Full PlaY





    The Hell With
    Amazon Prime

    Hehe i Am The Rain Forest Free

    Na’vi “Emerald Forest” EYeS Blonde

    Wild Haired Boy Man New Now Free God Yes

    SPiRiT of the Little Epileptic Girl Half Na’vi’

    “Vulcan And Human” HeaRinG HeART Beats

    Of Mother EartH SPiRiT oNe Whole Soul Real

    NoW Earning Every Silver Strand GoLDeN AGE NeW..:)


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