Ennui Monday: Wish it were another day

Blah. Bleh. Blip. It’s just another Monday. Truly wish it was my funday. But, what’s that, again? Say my name. I don’t think I’ll respond. No reason to do so. It’s just more work in the long run.

Well, say my name again. I’ll perk up the second time around.

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  1. TRuE Dear Miriam YeS It’s Up to “Destiny’s
    Child” to ‘Say YouR NaMe’ Again on A ‘MaNiC
    MoNDaY’ YeT iSn’t THiS HoW iT ALL Works

    We Re-Arrange
    ALL Parts to

    Make WHaT
    iS Old New Now
    to Come Again So Free

    Once Twice or Thrice

    True Matters Not Yes

    When A Perfect FRiEnDS With Gravity
    oF Torsion and Spin in Balancing Dying
    STaRS iN BLacK Holes BRinG NeW UNiVeRSES WHoLE YeS

    Resurrecting For Real Oh Beauty BRiGHT Out oF DarK NoW

    God Yes to Birth OuT oF Old As Well mY FRiEnD NeW NoW

    HeHe aT
    Least Yes
    To Some
    Theories of
    Quantum Mechanics

    Yet FoR Me it’s Verily Easy
    At Essence As All Answers
    Are Within Inside Outside
    Above So Below All Around


    oF THE Effortless Ease
    WHole All That Is Real Yes

    Let’s Face it It’s Not Often
    A Stranger Comes Out of the
    Water to BRinG SaMe Waves Ocean Again…

    Beauty of Every Letter THaT Makes A New

    of Words

    Again Within
    Inside Outside
    Above So Below All Around For Real…

    Why Be Afraid of DarK iS LiGHT God Yes
    When DArK MaKeS LiGHT CREaTioN ALL NeW NoW



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