I bought myself three gifts: Love, whimsy, and drive

I love the holiday season. I love gift-buying and giving. It gives me great pleasure to create or give items to people with them specifically in mind. Growing up as poor as I did, the holiday seasons were tough. Now, I take delight in being able to provide for others, not only friends, family and co-workers. I also give to children’s charities. I don’t say this to brag. I say this to make sure it’s understood how much I like gifting.

This year, in terms of celebrations and gifts, I started a new tradition. I started buying myself gifts. I also got into giving myself the gift of grace. Why wait for other’s to give you a knick knack or fancy (or simple) gift. Just it is ethical to engage in self-care it’s also good to gift oneself an item of meaning.

This Chrismukkah, I gifted myself three items. One was a small print by a local NY artist of an owl. It’s beautiful and also serves to remind me of my mother. She loved owls. The second I saw the print, I thought of her and love.

Another gift, was that of a silly orange hat with ears. The maker’s name was of particular significance to me. But I primarily bought it because it reminded me of whimsy.

My third gift to myself was that of a pink and purple dress. I love those majestic colors, and they inspire me to always strive to be better.

In all, I gifted myself love, whimsy, and drive. And, why not? What will you gift yourself?

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  1. I love that! I give to myself as well. Always a new, cute, comfy nightgown, and this year a new pair of hoop earrings.
    We will be moving soon, so I’m trying not to spend so much money, since we’ll have to buy A LOT of stuff in a month and a half. We need a car, fridge, beds, mattresses, etc etc. (We’re moving countries)
    I did also donate again this year to children’s charities, and volunteered as well, together with my kids. I don’t consider it bragging when it can inspire others to do the same! Thank you for caring for others, as well as yourself!

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  2. SMiLes Dear Miriam

    Whatever It is That
    Brings Us Love Whimsy
    And Drive is How We Truly

    Stay Alive and Thrive i’m Just

    Gonna Give Myself Even More

    Freedom to Do Naked Enough
    Whole Complete PlaY in 2023

    And Perhaps Improve on it All

    Just For Fun

    For Every

    of Life
    Tasting Great
    to me With SMiLes..:)


  3. I love the symbolism of your gifts. I gift my inner child with the gifts that keep me alive with joy. One gift is the ability to recognize beauty in simple things of nature. Second gift is to allow myself to laugh when I do or think something silly. The third gift is to every now and then try to recall a song or poem I learned as a child. I even look them up if I can’t now remember the words. I never thought about these in this way. You post precipitated these thoughts. Thank you!


      • I am a happy person as an adult. Part of it os my upbringing in a loving family. Now at 71 it’s my
        friends and grown sons and their families and my condo neighbors are all so wonderful. It’s hard to be depressed when I have so much love in my life. I am in decent health. I couldn’t ask for more.


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