Merry Christmas or as we say at home- Happy Chrismukkah

Chrismukkah is getting more and more popular with big shoutouts in popular culture from Seinfeld to the OC. What is Chrismukkah? It’s exactly as the name insinuates. The phrase Chrismukkah is a combination of the words Christmas and Hanukkah. When combined, they make up an inclusive holiday that embraces elements of both holidays and both faiths. While a classically Jewish or Christian family might have no reason to celebrate Chrismukkah, a multifaith family such as mine does. We have the menorah right by the Christmas tree. For my son, this is especially important to see and understand he is a special blend of the world. And, of course there are the presents.

As a protagonist on the television show, The OC explained Chrismukkah is “eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents. There’s also that whole family thing and lighting the menorah and Santa, but hey, gift after gift after gift!”

And, today the two celebrations overlap. In a world filled with so much strife, it’s good to have and present that feeling of inclusivity.

Happy holidays to all!

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