A tempered excitement is in the air

I see the holiday decorations all around. They seem more plentiful than the last two years. I am hearing Christmas songs everywhere. Of course, this means two things. First, I will tire of Mariah Carey within a week or so. And, yes I am out and about at restaurants and stores. Although, I have no real appetite for the latter. I really don’t like shopping in stores. Yesterday, I was at a small store that had way too many people in it for its size. However, people were smiling, and the store employees were helpful and efficient.

I was also at a restaurant, eating alone – which I sometimes enjoy – when huge cheers and claps occurred. The Netherlands had just tied Argentina in the final minutes of regular play. It wasn’t that everyone was rooting for the Netherlands. They were primarily excited to have a tied, close game. Spoiler alert, Argentina went on to win.

There’s excitement. However, there is also still a twinge of fear and strategizing going on as to what is a calculated and acceptable risk. Right now, I know of 10 people with Covid and several more with the flu.

Unlike the past, you can’t go all in into a mode of irrational exuberance. The times may call for a bit of tempered excitement. Enjoy the times. Sing, dance, and be jolly. Make sure to laugh. But, like almost every New Yorker does, assess your environment.

I welcome your thoughts

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