She was out of charge

Granted, the small gift shop was crowded. People were in a shopping, jolly mood. Or so it seemed. Yet, she felt woozy and constricted. Everything seemed to wobble and jiggle. Yet, no one else seemed to notice. She was beginning to think it was just her vision being a bit off.

She bought some fun items and headed home. The house of horrors. The house of wax. How could she bring mirth to the place? She was tired and needed to charge herself up. She looked into the house, and everything was a blur. She collapsed. She was out of charge and had no sockets within reach. This was going to be an interesting night.

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  1. Relieving Pain and Anxiety

    Human Charging Stations

    HugS And SMiLes to Come Around

    And Go Around Again iNDeed Merry

    Go Round

    For Recharging
    Humanity Back
    To SMiLEs And Hugs

    Of ‘The Child’ Within Who Doesn’t Forget
    Warmth From The Beginning to Start Again Dear Miriam

    Mountain Streams FLoWinG iNDeed Ocean Whole Again..:)


  2. Welcome to the future… where androids, and autonomous vehicles handle the day-to-day realities of the World… while we, with our oversized brains, and gargantuan egos… sink ever deeper into the couch…!


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