Mush mush: A dream come true

Oh, what fun it is to ride on a dogsledding team. I love dogs. I’m not too keen on snow. I hate the snow. But, dogsledding in December in Alaska has been a dream.

Here’s to another checked off my list of things to get done in life. I will admit, I did believe for a second I was going to get frostbite. My toes, no matter how much others helped me, were beyond frozen. It took a few hot toddys and wearing no socks to eventually warm them up.

Either way, the adventure was exhilarating. It felt like a rollercoaster at times as the dogs picked up speed and went downhill. Our dogs were trainees and made them a bit more unpredictable. And, they were super sweet, friendly, and cuddly. Whenever they stopped for a break, they either romped in the snow or urinated on one. Yes, that is true. However, we were all suited up.

They were a true delight.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam God YeS Even One Photo Will
    Bring Fruition to A Thousand Dreams Echoing
    ‘The Call of the Wild’ That Half Wolf And
    Domesticated “Jack London” Dog That’s
    me Leading The Sled
    Like Misfit ‘Rudolph’
    From the Back of Course
    Just Turning the Snow
    ‘Golden’ As i Please to Be Free Hehe
    True i Don’t Agree with much ‘Herschel
    Walker’ Says or Does Yet Indeed i Choose ‘Werewolf
    Over Vampire’ And Unlike ‘Obama’ The Wild Dream Never Goes
    Away at 7 Fruition New Now All Naked Enough Whole Complete Free
    Peace in Love
    With No
    Screams Call
    of The Wild No Longer
    Holding the Tears Back
    Free to Lead the Pack From the Back
    Once Again
    i am
    Wind Snow
    Flakes Free Oh
    Just ‘Letting Go’
    FRoZeN Warm Nose
    Scents of the Wild STill To Be Breath i Am
    Oh God It’s Really Gorgeous Now
    Newly i Get
    WHere You
    Truly Are
    For Bringing
    Your Vacay Back to Us..:)


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