Turns out I’m a dachshund and not a pekingese

I love dogs. Such cuddly and furry creatures deserve love and being spoiled- up to a point. I take all sorts of random Buzzfeed and other quizzes about what type of dog I am. I often get pegged as a boxer. Makes sense in the name of breed on that I’m a stubborn, can-do woman. However, after I got my Milo the grand pekingese, I always felt that’s the dog I really should be. Or caricatured as. He was fluffy and a diva. He was fun, fussy, and fierce. I felt that were my attributes as well.

Then this past month I had the pleasure of dogsitting a long-haired dachshund. He was just 11 pounds and a bit anxious. He was very loving and a little scamperer. I wouldn’t say those are my attributes.

However, what did strike me was that he burrowed. He would go under my blanket, jacket or robe and dig under. It amused me to no end. I had never seen that so consistently done. And, that reminded me of myself. I cocoon. When I go to sleep, I bury myself under a ton of blankets and a pillow to my chest. It’s like bring in a cocoon. And, every morning it’s a metamorphosis. Ok. That’s silly.

Regardless, all this to say that while I thought I was a pekingese it turns out I’m a dachshund. Go figure. Now I need an online quiz to just confirm it.

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  1. Moving Into Darkness Of
    Night In Warmth At Church
    On The Angel Tree To Gift
    Those Least
    An Elderly
    Wish in A
    Nursing Home
    A Small Stuffed
    Animal To Warm His
    Soul Moving Into The
    Darkness Of The Night

    So Hard It Is For Some to
    Understand That Even in


    The Most
    Human Beings
    Have No Ability
    To Touch Stuffed
    Animal or Puppy Dog



    Indeed my
    Wife Will Be
    Purchasing A
    Small Stuffed Animal


    Dear Miriam 😇🎄🙏


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