It’ll never be today, again

I watch a lot of streaming television shows as well as movies. Hence, in general, I avoid advertisements. Yesterday, I happen to be watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer again. The television series; not the movie. The only way to watch it is on Hulu streaming service where I am exposed to commercials. Sigh. And, they are so repetitive. Thus, if you binge-watch a show, you are also essentially binge-watching certain advertisements. It feels awful. But I digress.

One of the ads, I’ve been repeatedly exposed is that of Progressive Insurance. I do not care for Flo anymore. She has worn out her quirky self. However, I did catch an ad that stayed with me into the morning. I woke up remembering that today will never happen again. Unless, you enter some Groundhog Day loop. But, otherwise, today is today and no other day.

What are you going to do with today? There’s the whole carpe diem bit. There’s the Smell the Roses bit. There’s the live for today bit. Hug your loved one. Buy someone a cookie. Run through the sprinklers. Roll around in the fallen autumn leaves. Do all that and more. But don’t let someone (anyone) steal your joy.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam Truly IT Will Always
    Be Now With Us Ever Changing New
    From Above Below Within
    Inside Outside And
    All Around New
    NoW iN Every Inhale
    of Peace Best With Exhale
    of Love As Well For All We Meet And Greet
    In Life
    For Real..:)

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