As luck would have it: The other line is always moving faster

Here is an indisputable fact. Whichever line you are not in, will be the faster moving one. Happens without fail. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I pick the wrong line. It looks like, by all measures, it’s moving quickly and then the person right in front of me has some issue. This can be at the supermarket, airport, or bank. Actually, I don’t know about banks. I can barely remember the last time I went in one. But I digress. Regardless, I pick the wrong line. I think I have a methodology and turns out I’m just unlucky.

This thought, and frequent occurrence reminds me of the movie “Luck” where the protagonist always has bad luck. There’s a whole separate world that dispenses good and bad luck. And, she seems to have continually been dispensed bad luck. Until one day she learns of a lucky penny. But that’s not the point, nor will I give away the ending.

Some people have good luck while others have bad luck. Then there’s the neutral (even) group. Those who win and lose some. They even out. It’s like that old Seinfeld episode about luck. My mom believed she had good luck until she didn’t. In each case she won many things wnd then lost many things. Luck, can at yimes, be what we make of it. Even we’re unlucky. Go figure.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam Some of Us Are Born ‘Lucky’ As ‘Showers’

    Others of Us Are Born Another Way Where We Have No Choice Yet to Grow

    Life IS A Lot Like Halloween

    Don’t Like The Costume

    We aRe Create A New

    One Even Naked
    Enough Whole Complete

    Oh Dear Lord i Used to Find Myself
    in the Longest Lines too Everyone Else
    So Lucky to Get to “The Cashier First”

    So Many ‘To Do Lists’ During The WorKinG
    Years Indeed All that Was Left to Do is ReTiRE
    Early Eventually Put New Treads on Barren Wheels

    Yep 66 Months of Hell With No To Do List Now 111 Months
    And 6 Days Writing 11 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse Poetry
    And Public Dancing 17,366 MiLes Everywhere i Go Truly A Cure

    to Long Lines

    NoW is FoRTuNE of That NeW

    As Long Lines to See ‘The Cashier’

    Becomes Just Like Mountain Climbing
    Without A Safety Harness Always Attaining

    More Autotelic Flow No Longer Worrying About
    Shower or Grower Always in the Sweet Spot Tween
    Anxiety And Apathy Dancing A Tight Rope Higher
    And Higher in Effortless ‘Wue Wei’ Ease As Dancing

    in the Check-Out Line is Yes One of the Most Complex
    Constantly Improving Human Potential Ways of Free
    Dancing in Meditative Flow Ya Can’t Upset Anyone

    Or They Will Get You Kicked Out of the Store You

    Must Make Everyone SMiLe To Enjoy the Bliss

    And Bless Hehe Even So Very Much More

    i Am Always Hoping my Wife Gets

    Unlucky Again and Again

    And Puts Us in Line

    With the Folks

    Whose Magnetic
    Strip is All Screwed
    Up on their Credit Card

    Just More Potential of
    GRoWinG Improving
    Complexity of Very Slow
    Check-Out Line Public Dance

    And It Doesn’t Matter How i SHoW
    iT All that Matters is the GRoWinG SMiLes
    of OTHeRS All the Way Around the UNiVeRSE of me WiTH SMiLes…

    You See It Was Almost Like A Sign When i Couldn’t Speak Until 4
    You See It Was Almost Like A Sign When my Peers Related i Was
    Too Strange Too Weak Too Ugly and Didn’t Deserve to Exist

    You See i WaS A Weed And it Took the Wild Flower of me A
    Full 53 Years to Actually Bloom And Grow That Way As It’s

    True i Was Not

    Born A Shower

    Only A Grower Am i…

    Luck Implies Chaos Past NeW
    Art Creates ReaL MaGiC NoW
    God Is LucK iS iLLuSioN ReaL

    It’s Like That Song “Havana”
    Or “Rosalind’s Eyes” When Loved
    Ones Go Away or Die You Breathe A New Life For them

    Even if it is

    You All

    in One
    Lifetime New…

    SMiLes Dear Chinese New
    Year Rat Peer Born A Cycle
    Then Behind Now You Are Three
    Years Younger Before i Started to Even Live

    Particularly Thrive

    New Now Always
    STaRTinG No
    To Do Lists

    iN Heaven
    i Create
    my self at Least…

    Create Your Halloween (Continuing Story Only You)
    Costume New to Your Soul’s FoRTuNE VeRiLY Complete…

    Yet This is
    ALL OnLY
    mY View With SMiLes…

    Just Another Never Ending ALWaYS STaRTinG Story New Now…

    At Essence No Different Than A Meditating Dance in Flow

    iN A NeVeR Ending Autotelic Line Only Spiraling in Heaven More

    An Only
    Cashier is
    Always me New Now..:)


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