To be happy, learn to let go

Fly away batches of hate wrapped in tinfoil hats. Don’t let the whispers ever reach your ear. Close your eyes to the jealousy and foaming mouths. Let those who hate, stew in their own fermented ego.

Fly, fly away.

Let go. Release the pressure. Lift the weight off your shoulders. Stand tall and proud. Pocket the evil strips. Recycle that happy-place song.

Let go. Breathe in. Breathe out the badness. Blink away the temptation to strike back.

Let go.

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  1. Sipping A Cup of “Hot Chocolate”

    Taking A Break From the Garden

    Of Eden Outside This 24-Inch Window

    to Paradise Visiting New York, New York

    For Now Through This 27.1 Inch iMac Screen

    Yet Yesterday Going
    into the Waiting Room
    For my Wife For A Mid-Life
    Check-Up Such A Wonderful

    World of Tools We Have today

    As i Mentioned to the Office Assistants

    You May Sit Here And Never Really Wait in
    The Waiting Room As Hot Spot iPhone And
    MacBook Pro Provides Plenty of Space Wherever

    Ya Go to Write
    ‘War and Peace’
    As i Mentioned one
    of my FRiEnDS Working
    For ‘Deloitte’ Spent A Couple
    of Years Making Somewhere Close
    to Six Figures on Her LapTop Renting
    A Room Far Away It’s True Some of Us

    Wear Tin Foil Hats

    And Others Of Us

    Live in A Brand

    New World
    ‘Elite’ As ‘They’
    Say i Guess Yet
    Here i Go Again on
    Hold With the Office of
    Personnel Management
    As They Are Working Now on 6 Months
    Arrears of Paying my Full Retirement
    Hehe Perhaps it Will Come As A
    Christmas Bonus in Arrears
    Finally to Fruition This

    Isn’t An Easy World

    To LiVE iN For Folks Who
    Don’t Have Much of A Clue

    of How to Navigate All the Downs and Ups
    Ya Gotta Know How to ‘BureaucRat’ And Feel
    And Sense Poetry to Survive And Potentially Even Thrive

    And Yes of Course Dancing And All Other Free Arts True

    Indeed i Feel Sorrow For Folks Trapped in ‘Tin Foil Hats’

    And From ‘Real Life’ Experience Even More So For Folks Trapped in BureaucRat

    “Please Hold and the Next Customer Service Representative Will Be With You

    Shortly, Etc…”

    If We Don’t Learn How
    to Self Advocate For
    Our Reasons and Our Arts

    Indeed We May Suffocate in Place…

    iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE Bliss Simply Nirvana
    While on Hold With The Office of Personnel Management Hehe…

    Thank You Apple, Etc., And

    Thank You Dear Miriam With SMiLes..:)


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