Calgon, and dear clouds, take me away

There was an advertisement a long time ago showcasing a woman in a tub asking for Calgon to take her away. As of late, I’ve rewatched those cheesy commercials on YouTube, feeling an odd connection with the commercial character. Yes, I need that moment where it is all quite. Problem is, that even my daily baths, just don’t do it for me. It’s my own fault really. I’ve, in a completely idiotic move, taken work calls while soaking in the bath. I don’t think Calgon would even help me.

I’ve taken to looking at clouds lately. Some beautiful cloud formations up there in the sky. I look at them and picture some giant head blowing the clouds to and from. Sort of like a cartoon or Marvel movie. But it’s a gentle cloud. A non-menacing one. Or set of clouds.

I have this photograpgh I took in Key West, where the clouds seem perfectly (and beautifully) in sync with the boats. To me, this photograph is the embodiment of that Calgon take me away commercial. I dream of sailing away on a cloud circling the globe while eating persimmons and pizza. Odd combination, perhaps.

The world asks a lot from us these days. Non-stop asks. It’s ok to say no, put the phone down, and dream. Sail away. The worries, the demands, and the impossible tasks to be completed will still be there in 20 minutes.

Sail away…

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  1. Wind Carries
    Clouds SaME NoW
    As Shine Carries SuN NeW

    Dear Miriam What
    A Poetic Name

    to Us

    Hey That’s
    93 MiLLioN
    MiLeS AWaY

    Yet Yes Shine

    Still Dances Sings
    All the Way to Us

    Perhaps We Will Be
    Clouds And See Above to Sun

    Shining Below to LiGHT Us Up Again

    Dancing Singing Freer Truer iN LiGHT

    Being Wind
    No Longer
    Trapped in
    A PRiSoNeR’S Jar…
    Fluffy Clouds Tickling
    BReeZE BLeSS iN BLiSSiNGS ReaL..:)


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