Space needed to be made

There was a time in which antique shopping provided a reprieve from the present and provided for a future adventure. While the shops pointed to the past, they were like comfort food for future stomachaches.

Now she went in them and felt nothing other than the need to sneeze. Nothing was enticing for there was no more new spaces to fill. Everything was already to the brim. It was at that point in her life where space needed to be made or otherwise things would remain static.

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  1. The Old Antique Shop Reminds me of “William Shatner’s” Great
    Grief With Tears Leaving the Orbit of Earth into the Arms of Nothing

    Nothing Yet Darkness Above (For Real)

    Suddenly He Looked Down

    At A Most Beautiful

    Green Blue and Brown

    Orb With Intense Grief

    of Never Truly Appreciating

    Home Again He Had No Idea Before of

    The True Realm of Home Still to Explore
    And Yes


    Keep Safe
    i Do Wonder
    if He Ever Explored
    Even Deeper Within to
    Find A NeW UniVerse NoW to Create Even More..:)


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