The jury duty molasses

Before I dive into today’s experience, I must make a disclaimer. First off, I am not writing any specifics of the jury I am being questioned for. I won’t even say what type of jury (grand jury or trial) nor court level. Nothing. So, nothing to see here in regards to the specific case. I’m just here to vent, after just eating a bag of cheetos, while two lawyers acted like brats.

We got called into a big room. We were shown a video about implicit biases. We had someone tell us we’d probably get out by 11am and could enjoy some time off and she wouldn’t tell anyone. Well, that didn’t happen. Oh, also let me note we were never, ever asked for identification. Interesting. That set off a debate in my juror group that I will not share. But you may figure it out on your own.

Back to the 11am promise. It was never, ever going to happen. The lawyers questioning us around our biases got into terrible arguments from the very first question. They must have stepped out about 11 times. The judge had to step in. We were getting itchy from the carpets, ceiling mold, and restlessness. This was living a moment of dripping molasses. It took 3 hours to question 12 people and eventually seat only four of them. And, it continued until the government staff came and threw us out. Well, they they told the lawyer to stop mid-sentence. And then we were told we had to come back tomorrow to relive molasses and ceiling mold.

I was tired, sleepy, hungry and probably dopey from a few brain cells dying from the insipid questions. I can’t say what they were. But, I hadn’t gone in prepared for philosophy 101.

Wish me luck. Wish the defendant and plaintiff luck. They are about to have a few angry jurors.

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  1. Jury Duty All That Stands Between me and Having
    to Own A Pair of Long Pants as i Surely Won’t Do
    it For A Funeral or A Wedding Boy Did i Get

    A Lot of Flack
    From my Rich
    Uncle Wearing
    Shorts for my Father’s
    Funeral Giving A Speech without notes…

    It’s True He’s Still Trying to Talk me into
    Being Normal And Voting For Trump Truly

    i’d Rather Not Wear Clothes And Be Normal…

    So i Won’t
    So i Don’t

    Yet Sure if i ever
    Have to Go to
    Jury Duty i’ll Spring
    For Some Long Pants…

    SMiles Dear Miriam True
    Civic Duties Are Important…

    Yet Beyond Local, State,
    And Federal Laws, Maybe maybe not..:)


  2. Wife is a nurse. If there is any kind of injury or medical question she never gets selected. As an engineer I am sometimes not selected either. One time the defense lawyer asked me if i knew how a breathalyzer worked and I said yes. I was dismissed almost immediately. One side or the other often has a vested interest in stupid jurors so let my brains show.


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