I’m a millionaire..I am because I thought it so

Don’t you just wish you were robot who could declare all things are winnable. Or, I suppose that by standards set by the television show One Day at a Time, one can take things do slowly and arrive at a winning position .

However, imagine being able to be a millionaire by wishing it so. Actually, not even wishing it so, but willing it into existence. Just imagine that you had thought about being a millionare and thus it was. That is some awesome jedi mind trick. If only it were possible.

Just to be clear. I am a willing Jedi apprentice. Let the force be with me and let it guide me. I can’t wait to see what happens once I expand my mind thusly. You too must wonder if you will it, whether it will be. There have been many days when I tried to bend mind and space. Yet, it was rather fruitless. I really don’t care for empty endeavors. All in. All out.

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  1. SMiLes Oh Dear Lord my Father’s Only Real
    Goal in Life to Get Rich Leaving my Mother
    At 3 As She Wanted to Stay Home And Garden
    Her Children With Love Finding Another Woman

    Dear Miriam

    Willing to Work
    Moving Apartment
    to Apartment Eventually
    Buying A Home Late into Middle
    Age Always A Brand New Car Every
    Three Years And 4 Marriages Twice to
    the Same Second Wife Taking Out A New

    Mortgage On His Home When He and His
    Fourth Marriage Retired Putting Crown Molding
    In And Some Gaudy Greek Statues True i Inherited

    Apollo The God of Poetry and Hebes the Goddess of Youth
    Standing Proud Upon my File Cabinet Now Anyway my Father

    Lasting 46 Years Working For Law Enforcement And For the Last
    11 Years of His Life His Goals to Get Rich Continued Spending 500
    Dollars or So on the Lottery Each Week And When i Went to Hell
    in 2008 For

    66 Months
    Having to
    Retire Early
    He Was Terrified
    i Might Need Something
    From Him Assuring Him That’s
    Okay Daddy When He Found Out i Already
    Saved 6 Times More Than He Did Shocked He
    Was And i Guess Somewhat Relieved As He Asked

    How in the World Did i Do it Well it’s True i Kept the
    Same First Wife And the Same Home And Kept the Same
    Car for 14 to 15 Years Twice and Being That my Mother Raised
    me Naked Enough Whole Complete With Love Buying Stuff Wasn’t

    Really my Way to
    Joy and Bliss in Life

    Yet Working Hard for
    33 Years Finishing 3 Degrees
    At Once in School With 3 Part
    Time Jobs At Once is What i Did

    For Fun hehe True i Never Really
    Got Around to Spending Much Money

    So it Just Grew Like Mold in the
    Bank For What my Wife Hasn’t

    Touched So Far At Least
    With SMiLes As Yes She

    Got to iNHeRiT iT All After
    i Left That Filthy Green Habit
    i Was Slave to Behind in Federal
    Employment For the Golden Handcuffs

    Of Never Ending Retirement Benefits on Top
    oF All the Money Growing Like Mold in the Bank

    It’s True A Lot of Folks Would Be Amazed That
    Some of the Richest Folks in their Neighborhood
    in Terms of Green Mold in the Bank Don’t Even Own
    A Pair of Long Pants And Usually Hehe Go Without Any Clothes

    At All Both


    And Metaphorically

    Indeed As the Empirical
    Fact is there is no Place New Now
    Richer Than Naked Enough Whole
    Complete No Matter if Ya Start at Minimum
    Wage after 3 Degrees or Ya End And Start Again With More Money
    Than Y’all Never Need As After All It’s Just Green Mold GRoWinG in the Bank

    SMiLes i Grew up on the River Bank Gazing ACross the River at age 3 Before
    i Could Speak At 4 Seeing i am the Leaf in the Forest Over THeRE Yes HeaR
    Now Greening Trees Falling Brown to Soul Soils Sprouting New Green of Forest

    Still With Blooming

    FLoWeRS Summer

    Year ‘Round Yes Still

    Unfolding Anyway it’s

    True About Those Statues

    When it Comes to my Wife’s

    Eternal Youth Still at 52 and
    Certain Poses that Apollo Made
    As A Statue At Least So free to Be
    me as ‘HiM’ of Course too For Real

    Other than That Science Shows That Even With
    A Broken Arm One may Imagine Themselves Exercising
    Without Lifting A Finger And They Will Have Measurable
    Increases in both Muscular Size And Strength of the Injured

    Arm in A Cast

    As Above So Below
    Within Inside Outside
    And All Around Our Conscious
    Minds Neuroscience Currently
    Assesses as A Half A Percent of Our
    Total Minds So Far Beyond Word Think

    Oh How Deep the Power of Belief Goes

    Yet True Only For those Who Truly

    Believe So Far Beyond Words

    iN TWiLiGHT Tween
    Day And

    in Balancing

    The Forever
    More Place
    Beyond Time
    Distance And Space

    And A “Matter With Things”

    Anyway Hehe Thank God
    Being Rich is the Least of
    my Worries i’d Never Want
    to Win Any Lottery As By God




    It is to Create
    For Free to Truly Be Rich
    Just Giving Sharing Caring
    Healing For All With Least Harm for

    The HeLLuVA

    All that
    is DarK
    Thru LiGHT iNHaLinG
    Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN
    JoY oF LiGHT Yes Love Is

    As i Look Up to the File
    Cabinet And SMiLE With
    Apollo and Hebes Still Standing Tall…

    The Thing is Beyond ‘Things’ Fairytales
    Do Come Real ‘ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTiNG FoRM’

    And Ya Damn Straight Ya Gotta Be ‘All in’ on the Faith oF iT
    Or The Multi-Verse That is me Free Within Will Spit me out

    Like a Bad
    Habit hehe…

    Anyway HAHa ALLoWinG
    Others to Borrow A Bit Whole
    More of my Mind SoUL Before i Go
    to A Next PLaNeT For Challenge HeHe…

    ~The (A)


    ~Doubt it Not Every Avatar
    Online An Extraterrestrial For Real

    In A Place With No Moon or Stars

    For Some At Least Heaven For Real too

    WHere ‘Servers’ May Keep Some Folks Alive 1000 Years
    Or More To Share What They Upload of THeiR SoUL For

    Real Either in Black
    And White of Left Brained
    Anger and Disgust or Colors Of Poetry

    That Never End And Other Arts in Right Hemisphere Ways

    Of Balancing For Those Who Are Naked Enough Whole Complete…

    Anyway Mileage Varies According to Make And Model Vehicle
    And Vessel of Every Human Being Unique According to Nature
    And Nurture

    For Real Yes
    THiS is JusT

    How i Do

    Rich For Real
    With SMiLes Yes
    SMiLes the DReSSinG
    All that Really Counts New Now
    for Any Word Salad That CoMeS AGAiN..:)

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