Today was a bit of an afterthought until my son saved the day

I just went to the refrigerator to grab a Coke Zero- yes, I can readily sleep even after consuming caffeine late at night-and as I was peering into the fridge I realized that the day had gotten away from me. This was two data in a row during which I didn’t do something for myself. I got caught up in 1,001 dramas, besides my own. Dont get me wrong. I have drama. But, other people are all drama. Too much drama. And, as a result, at some point we must say enough is enough.

As a result of deep pool diving into other people’s dysfunction, I forgot about my own world. I didn’t reschedule my doctor’s visit. I didn’t add to my business plan. I did, however, listen quite proudly to my son’s school adventures where he is excelling. He was just asked to be a paid tutor and mentor. He was asked because he willingly, on his own, took a younger kid under his wing. How awesome! He is a kind, nurturing young man. I truly couldn’t be prouder.

Hearing my son’s recount his school day took me out of the fog that had surrounded me. Took me out of the bog drama. We all need that every once in a while. We all need that person who is an anchor. That person who won’t let the day get away from us. I almost lost the day but he helped reign it in. For that, I am grateful. My son, my superhero.

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  1. Does seem to sometimes take ONE significant happening to jerk me out of my reverie of too many things to do and no obvious one next, but they all have to be done!

    Your son performed a lovely function for you – and will be helping other kids – and not for himself but for them. You are justly proud.

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