Dirty soda is like dirty coffee to me: Welcome to my taste buds

There is a new phenomenon on TikTok regarding dirty sida. Yes, “dirty” soda- a supposed nightmare for dentists. But is it really? Don’t dentists make more money as our cavity count grows? Semi-rhetorical question there. You may be asking, what is a dirty soda. Well, it is soda mixed with flavored syrups and cream, all served up over ice. There are literally millions of recipes you can make and you can definitely find a flavor catered to you. Yum!

Some are making a big deal about this because singer Olivia Rodrigo did a Tik Tok video about it. But note, dirty sodas have been around for a while.

And, let’s further note that (as defined) dirty coffee has been dirty and a dentist’s nightmare for a long time. If you were to make me a coffee, you’d have to add flavored creamer, flavored syrup, and two splenda packets. Oh yes, that’s dirty. I like my coffees sweet and a mixture of flavors. Is that such a bad thing? No, it’s not. I use sugar free syrups and fat free creamers. I lessen the harm. It’s what we should do throughout our lives in regards to a number of bad habits we have. Yes, somewhere in here was a public health message around harm reduction. I snuck that in.

Anyway, I’m annoyed at Tiktok for thinking they’ve discovered something new. I just will have to do a snippet of my morning rituals for all who love dirty drinks.

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