A great distaste of belts

Yesterday I was ranting and raving about my love of meatballs. Which still holds true today and most likely tomorrow. We all have certain things we just love. Can be strawberry Gelato, pizza, or curry eggplant. I actually love all those things. But right now, I’m not feeling belts. I hate them, actually.

Belts are too constraining. And, I lose them all the time. Why can’t things just fit without a belt? Maybe belts were more useful a century ago. But today, for me, they are useless. I don’t ferl the need to be so fitted. I just threw out five belts. And, I don’t feel one ounce of remorse. Strange? Probably others feel like I do. They just feel the need to broadcast their belt dislike. Ok. That’s fine. I’ll do so. Now, onto the rest of the day.

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  1. It’s True Dear
    Miriam i Have
    Nothing to Hide

    With Belts too…

    Or Sidewalks…

    Just Butterflies
    Free Dancing in
    Meadows Singing

    With SMiLes…

    Oh Yes What
    A Free Breeze
    A Feather in A ‘Forrest
    Gump’ Land We Still Do

    Be i Am Just LoVinG
    iT All DarK Thru LiGHT

    When Not
    Story True..:)


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