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I want an axe

I admit that today I really wanted an axe. Or to go throw one. There’s actually a place to do do near me filled with games and beers. Sounds kind of dangerous but also like a lot of fun. Just as I got over that idea, I went into a store – a clothing store that had axes on the wall. Do you believe in signs?

I meant to perhaps buy an ace. But I got no timber to cut up. I suppose I can go at a wall and see if gold falls out. You never know.

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  1. Yes True Dear
    Miriam It’s Never
    Good to Hold an
    ‘Axe’ Inside
    As It Tends
    to Cut A Room
    From the

    Inside Out

    True Better to

    Cut Wood Split

    In Two and to Find

    All the Peace Inhaling

    Exhaling Love Again For

    oF All
    Negative Stress
    Tween Two Cords of
    Wood Whole Again Such
    A Living Tree Roots So Deep…

    Hehe Martial Arts Works For
    me Particularly Dancing With
    A Gym Towel in the Military

    Gym When my 244 Pounds
    Becomes the Weight of the Towel

    Indeed Then i ‘Snatch The Pebble From

    Master’s Hand’
    As ‘Grasshopper’
    No Longer Grasping
    After Peace And Love Free

    In Another PRiSon So Far Away from HoMe..:)


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