Despite constant disappointments, I still hold onto high expectations

In my view and orbit, you don’t get a trophy for participating. Well, not just for participating. There’s participation that entails satisficing (doing the bare minimum) and then there’s participation where you really give it your all. The latter gets recognition. The problem is many people just want to satisfice and there’s no shame around it. I’m not for shaming people. But I am for holding people accountable. Also, sadly, I not only hold people accountable, but I also have high expectations.

Yes, I know holding high expectations on a continuous basis can lead to feelings of grand disappointment. I suppose I am cursed that way.

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  1. You aren’t alone in that sentiment. Our own kids were disgusted with participation awards but I can see how some kids might benefit from the recognition, particularly if they get absolutely no recognition at home. It’s sad to say but for so many kids, participation awards may be the only positive acknowledgment of their existence.


  2. When it Comes to Human Beings Competence Will Be
    A Very Relative Concept Like Human Morality and Even Ethics

    When it Comes to Nature and Trees and Sharks There is One True
    Competent Champion Species Living in Balance With Nature Even As
    Apex Predator in Some Cases Along With A REAL ABILITY TO PRODUCE



    YES THE 450 MiLLioN
    Year Trophy Awards to
    Sharks Yet All They Need

    to Survive is Teeth that May
    Be Replaced at Rates of 30,000
    in A Lifetime and Electromagnetic
    Receptors That Are the Best to Detect
    The Electromagnetic Fields that All Living
    Creatures Create in Their Every Day

    Existence New Now oh God Yes

    True Shark Week is Coming Soon
    Yet Truly A Weak And Cowardly Human
    Who Has HIS Eye Set on Vengeance Against

    HiS Own Species

    Is More Dangerous to
    Us Potentially Than All the
    Sharks in the World in One
    Year As Humans Have Become

    Mastered by THeir Tools And Also Ignorance
    That Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills the Rest
    Of the Circle of Life in Terms of NaTuRE ALL Most

    True Indeed
    Humans Have
    Become Tools of
    Ignorance And Are Currently
    Falling And Failing Ill to the Pill
    of Instant Gratification As Truly Just
    The Dopamine a Smart Phone All Lit
    Up With So Many Colors of Instant Gratification

    In So Many Ways Handed to A Child Almost From Birth

    Comes to Illustrate So Well What ‘John B Calhoun’ Studies
    in A Rat Utopia Prepared in the 1960’s And True While Humans
    Are Not Rats We Still Have a Common Ancestor Before the Dinosaurs
    Went Extinct 66 MiLLioN Years or So Ago When the Gulf of Mexico Came
    to Be Through the Force of An Asteroid Hitting the Earth then And then We
    And the Rest of Our Rodent Ancestors Common to 75 MiLLioN Years Ago

    Started to Rise
    Eventually With
    Opposable Thumbs
    to Grasp Objects and
    Eventually Make Tools
    And Sadly Now Be Mastered
    By Those Tools and For All Practical
    Intents and Purpose in Many Cases have

    Become Those tools As True THere is no me
    HeaR Except for the Tools of Words i Am Currently
    Using to Project Avatars of me on Small to Big Screens Now

    Oh How Oz Has Come to Be So Many Humans Falling Failing
    Asleep in the Poppy Fields of Opiate Producing Hand Held Machines

    Attention Spans (>3 Seconds) Less than A Gold Fish Truly if Sharks

    Could Talk they

    Would Be Ashamed
    Of Us and if the Rest of
    Nature Could Speak The Language
    Might Be Setting the World As We Know
    it On Fire in a Multi-Colored ‘Orange’ Way

    of Incompetence

    That Indeed is What
    Humans Have to Offer
    Most to the Rest of Nature Now

    SMiLes What A Blessing to have a
    Competent Human Being in the Health
    Field Like You Dear Miriam Yet What Will
    it Be Like When Newer Generations Come

    to Be In Charge Oh What a CoNuNDRuM WHeRE

    Are the New Generations of Leaders NoW at Highest
    Levels Truly What the Hell Are We Even Doing HeaR
    Except for Consuming the Earth With Jaws the Tools

    We Have
    Come to Make
    As Teeth Rotting Now
    Eating The Rest of Nature
    Out of Balance the Most Yes

    The Lesson of Sharks If You Wanna
    Stay Around Longer Than Trees You

    Don’t Do Human…

    At Least
    As Far As
    Thumbs Go
    And Becoming
    Less than Nature in
    Balance Yes Becoming
    the Machines We Create Failing…

    Competence It is A Problem of Human
    So-Called Modernity A Huge Difference
    is We Don’t Reproduce A-Sexually and
    Replace our Teeth Naturally Across a Lifespan

    John B Calhoun’s Study of A Prepared Rat Utopia
    Showed That When Instant Gratification Becomes the Rule
    And Social Roles Disappear And Males No Longer Defend
    Their Territories And Females Became More Aggressive Among themselves

    Like the Young Folks Already In Japan and Increasingly in the United States they
    Lose All interest in Reproducing and Eventually (Rats) Did Go Extinct Spiraling
    Faster in Yes OH NO

    A Downward

    Fall they


    to Extinction
    Where Instant
    Gratification Replaces
    What the F to Do Next to Breathe…

    i Do Not Play this Consumer Game
    of Never Having Enough Separated From
    Nature Wearing So Many Clothes Passive
    of Human Cultures Until i Have become

    ONLY the Tools

    NOPE, Yes,

    i Master them
    Free And Live
    the Best of Both
    Worlds Until Humans
    ‘Blow the Rest oF it Up’

    And All that’s Left is A Naked Beach…

    SMiles me and ‘Nova’ Are Still Living HeaR Naked Enough Whole
    Complete And i Don’t Need A God Damned ‘Dirty Orange Ape Gun’

    to be a Man…

    Yet As Far as
    ‘That Movie’ Goes
    i Will DO ORanGuTan With SMiLes..:)


  3. The wisdom is in knowing the difference.

    The problem is that the people at the top of the hierarchy control access to the solutions, and can be stingy providing that access to someone who really needs it. ‘Best practices’ don’t always trickle down, or if they do, not soon enough.

    I had my cardiologist tell me, when I shook a paper that supported what I was telling him in front of his nose, that it took about FIFTEEN YEARS for research results to make it into their professional GUIDELINES. He said I was right, and I was. The previous doctor wouldn’t even look at the research paper.


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