I don’t waste time explaining myself to those committed to misunderstanding me

Sometimes you have to say what’s the point? Shrug. Move on. There’s really no point in trying to convince the unconvinceable. Did I just make up a word? Some people just want a target. Some people just want to hate somebody. They are filled with undirected anger. And, that is just not my problem.

A long time ago, a network peer wtote a letter about me complaining that I was unpredictable. They wanted me to tow the party line. Silly them. I’m a taurus. I’m a South Bronx girl. I’m resilient. I am a data person. Want to understand me? Follow the data.

Ugly words. Lies. Purposeful misunderstanding. None of that will faze me. I’ve been through the fire. You want to misunderstand me? Go right ahead. I know I have ethical standards. Most who wish to musunderstand, do not. They are opportunists.

In your own lives don’t falter. Don’t be cowed by those who have no way to gain personal insight. People who just go by the surface, won’t dig deep. They don’t have the capacity.

This all may sound angry. But I’m not. I’m good. I know where I stand. I know my moral compass. I am compassionate but won’t be abused. Being secure in one’s skin, is a good thing. But first, always check yourself. Know yourself. If you don’t, go on a date with yourself and be inquisitive and curious. Be open. And, you will find not only your armor, but also your podium.

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  1. So true. I used to spend hours, or days, trying to craft the perfect responses to those people but it’s just not worth my energy. On one occasion, I even earned a Masters degree in a subject because I thought it would give more credibility to my point of view and earn me some respect. All that money and time spent only to realize it makes absolutely no difference to a person who’s mind is made up

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  2. My podium and my armor both come from writing fiction. I don’t have the energy, due to chronic illness, to engage anyone real time. Sometimes I have to, and the results are, well, universally not the best.

    I’m going to insist much more on doing things by video and email, on my own time schedule, as the accommodation required by the ADA when possible, because, looking back, even when I rearrange sleeping and eating for me to be coherent, I always get overwhelmed by ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ people.

    Want to know what I think about things? Read my novel(s) and blog posts and listen. I can’t do it at your mental speed, but I can do it just fine if I need to, my way.


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