Hello- what a wonderful word indeed

Today, unlike some past Mondays, I will not mention the Monday blues. Today will be sunshine and rose petals. For, why not? If the day ends up crapping out, then so be it. I will have at least tried to be somewhat sunny.

That’s where the word “hello” comes into play. Have you seen the movie “Crazy People”?. It stars Dudley Moore and it’s from 1990. Not sure I’d call it a classic but it has its moments. One character in the movie loves the word “hello“. He sings a ditty about it throughout the movie. He notes how “hello” can frame your day as well as your interactions. At the end of the movie, he gets to say “goodbye” and it’s a liberating goodbye; after which he gets a new “hello”. Anyway, the plot of said movie is not important. What is important is the thought behind “hello”.

The word “hello” introduces you to stangers and friends alike. Think of the many songs that use such a word, i.e. Lionel Ritchie’s “hello“. It opens up a possibility. It sets you up for more. Try saying it today, as often as you can, and see what doors and paths will open for you.

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  1. First All Thanks For Linking
    ‘These Hello Memes’ From the Past

    Yet It’s True Wherever i Go in the World
    No Matter What Country or Person it is i Research

    The CuLTuRaL References That Exist to Grow

    my Soul even More in Appreciating THeir Style of Hellos

    And Indeed
    The Evolution of
    Hello in American Song
    And Movie From What
    might be expected

    From A Hello
    For No Other

    Reason At

    All in A ‘Sanitarium’
    With Dudley More of
    ‘ArThUR’ Fame Hehe Sort

    of Like me and my Middle
    Name Now Yet Only in Living
    Public Dance Legend Way of Course Free

    Yes It’s True if You Even Smile At Someone
    ‘These Days’ ‘They’ Often Question Your ‘Reason’

    In Fact When i Worked At A Bowling Center Just Handing
    Out Shoes and the Such for 18 Years Toward the End of that
    Part of my Federal Government Career Sort of Skating one Might

    Suggest After Earning Three
    College Degrees A Lady Then
    Found Out i Was Manager
    And Then She Said Oh that
    Explains Why You Are So Nice

    Yet Again it’s True my Mother Said
    i Had Open Arms for Every Stranger
    Before i Could Speak at Age 4 Such

    An Oddity for the Stereotype of Cold
    And Aloof Folks on the Autism Spectrum

    Yet Indeed THere is Another Kind Yes the
    Acronym of K A T i E M i A Kind Autistics
    Taking in Everything in Mindful Awareness

    Indeed Super Tuned Affective Empathy for Others
    Super Tuned Senses Where i Still Can’t Stand to Touch
    Most Human Made Materials (Silk is okay) And There Are

    No Words That Will Relay the Discomfort it Brings Although
    Fingernails Don’t Bother me on a Chalk Board Yet even the

    Imaginary Feeling of Touching the Chalk Board with my Teeth

    Does True i Can’t

    Even Stand to
    Imagine Someone
    Sweeping a Carpet

    Makes me wanna Climb Out
    of My Skin Anyway i’ve Spent Most of
    my Life With my Hands closed Around

    Human Made Materials Yet with Close to
    Mirror-Touch Synesthesia i literally Feel the Pain
    And Pleasure From Even the touch of Others Far

    Away Which of course Means When it Comes to
    Pleasure Whether Emotional or Physical i Am Very

    Much in Tune With ‘World Events’ in A ‘Biblical Sense’ too…

    So Anyway Back to the Evolution of Hello in Our CuLTuRE

    As It’s True Lionel Ritchie Used ‘Hello’ Looking For Love

    And Then There is Adele the Millennial Lamenting
    About Her Lost Youth at Age 25 And A Day She

    Wasn’t So Very Alone and Humanly

    Lost i’m Still Not Sure if She’s

    Found Her Soul at Age
    30 And It’s True

    i Know Others too

    And One Who Once Just
    Said “Hello Fred” Online and

    the Simplicity of A Simple Gesture

    Really Touched my Soul Yet of Course
    She Wasn’t in the United States Still Not trapped

    Yet in a World Where Hello or A Smile Needs An End to Means

    Anyway After Getting Out of Hell for 66 Months in A Slow Burn of
    What Life
    Will Do to
    the Free
    Child Within

    i Was Not Even
    Afraid to tell People
    ‘i Love You’ As It’s True

    i Came Out of Fear And Numb
    into A Home of Loving me A Home

    of Loving me And Yes Loving You Whoever

    You Might Be For No Reason At All Except for

    the Human Birthed Again Humanity of me Yes

    It’s True This is what Reborn Means Just Being Able

    To Say Hello
    For No Reason

    And i Love You

    Just Because You are
    me and We Are Human

    And True i Guess i’m Like

    Mr. Fred Rogers too and

    My Neighborhood

    is Real

    As Love

    Wherever i Go

    The Trump Boys Spit on me
    And Called me A Fool And The
    F Word And Not Fred Hitting Puberty

    In Middle School Hehe Before i became
    almost a Foot Taller than Some of them hehe

    Yep Just For F in Smiling and Being in A Fred in Good Mood

    For No Reason At All And Even Now the ‘Really Smart Psychology Field’

    Labels This Way of Being as ‘Bi-Polar Non-Specified’ As It’s A Disorder to Be

    Happy always Full of Energy

    Without Any Fear Without

    Any Inhibition to Say

    Hello i Love

    You For No
    Reason Except
    The Humanity of me

    It’s True People Have Viewed

    Humanity As Fools And Crazy
    And Weak And Even the R Word

    Since i Was Young and Now Donald J Trump
    Has Even Replaced The Face of THeir ‘God’
    A Man God Who Only Had A Message of Love

    Yet You See Even in that Book He Lied And Burned

    His Enemies Forever as An Eternal Promise of Evil

    We Live in A Gaslit World From Church to State yet i’ll Be

    God Damned Again

    If They Take My

    Hello i Love

    You Smile Away

    Call me A Fool

    Yet Never Call me
    Any Thing Less than Just A Human

    ‘Some Days’ i Feel Like that Song

    ‘Human’ By Christina Perri Other

    Days i Feel Like Closer to “A Thousand
    Years” Yes Even Other Months of 66 And
    Years in One Second of Hell Then For ReaL ON EartH

    And True From The Within to The Outside The Silent Sounds
    of Loneliness Want to Follow me to Bed Dancing Slowly
    In An Empty Room what Will Human Replace Love With

    Now in An

    Almost Dying

    Story That Is Not

    Mine Now Yet THeirs…

    THeirs And Never Mine Now

    Eternally to Breathe Let it Get Boring

    Yet Never to me Just Inhaling Peace
    Singing myself a Quiet Lullabye Night

    And Day Just Exhaling Love A Barely

    Breathing Broken Story Yet Still Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing iN JoY Of LiGHT With Least Harm For All

    WHere there Was Love THere Seems to Almost Be Only me

    Yet It’s Not True for Any place i Touch anyone With my Eyes

    That are Behind

    By Dance
    Just For the
    Joy of This Breath

    It’s True the Only Bible
    i Have is in Braille of Dance

    At Least the One That People Read With SMiLes…

    Through Every Weather Within Love Will Find A Way
    When Real And


    Other than



    Hello Miriam…

    i have a Feeling You Are Human…

    And Don’t Take it Too Personal as Any Offense

    Yet i Do Love You too For No Reason Yet Human True…

    i Long For ‘the

    Day’ When


    Truly Becomes God too
    Yet It’s true i Refuse to Wait…

    While Others Wait for ‘The Terrible Day of THeiR Lord’s Wrath’

    With Truly Sick Sado-Masochistic Smiles God Yes SMart Without
    Art HeART Without Art only S And M And He Left As God Damning God

    Torturing Those People With No Belief Yet Love Forever Just For Refusing

    to say

    Back’ is God

    i’m really Not
    into Team Sports
    any More Thank Love

    In My World At Least THere Are No Scape
    Goats For



    And i Will Never Give
    Love Up to Hell Anymore…

    Yep i Do Believe “The Lonely”
    By Christina Perri FitS In Well Here

    Particularly When ‘SHe’ is ‘Typing Away’ in ‘The Video’…

    At A Beginning oF A Never Ending Story of Love At Best…

    Verily Many Opaque Window Panes Yet Still Some So Very Clear…

    Oh Yeah, i Almost Forgot Yes That Same Lady At the Bowling Center
    Present When i Came Back to Life/Love Back in 2013 Visiting Catholic

    Church Then Seeing How Happy i Was For No Reason Accused

    me of Getting Drunk And Swallowing too Much of the Chalice of

    Wine At Communion And The Deacon Did too They No Longer

    Do They

    No Longer Do

    As Now A Pandemic

    Has Taken All the Wine Away

    Two Pandemics Indeed And Yes
    One No Longer Fully Human So Sadly it seems…

    Yet Back When i Played The Piano For the Youth Choir
    in my 20’s in the 80’s A Young Woman in the Choir Covered

    Her Eyes Smiling

    At me Saying

    my Face

    Was too
    Bright it
    Literally Blinded
    Her i Swear She Was Human too…

    And True i Surely Hope She is Still Human too…

    i’m Almost Positive She Was ‘Autistic Like me’ Too and Could




    Inside of me
    True More than
    Just A SMiLe For Real..:)


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