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Go ahead: Find your joy

Every year I come up with a word that is meant to guide and direct me. Provide me with purpose. This past year, I recycled the word “joy”. And this year (at its halfway mark) has not been particularly joyful. I could go ahead and lament the year and list all my grievances. But, I will not. Joy is a state of being. That is great. That word worked for me in the past. Today, that word is a bit unmoored.

Most of us could not accurately predict what this year would be like. We had hopes and dreams. We tried, at times, to wish things into being. Yet, this year has been all over the place. If you don’t believe me, just check in with those recalled politicians.

Here’s the thing. Again, joy is just joy. A state of being. I should instead use the phrase “find my joy”. It’s a directive. An imperative. A true goal. My true north. I can’t wait for joy to come to me. I must find it. I must grab it.

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  1. Joyful When All Feelings And
    Senses Come Together Elating
    Every Cell of
    Our Beings
    With Sunshine
    Radiating Smiles
    All Around Us in That
    Eternal Now of Joy
    Where All of Life
    Smiles on the
    Inside Out New
    Bliss When Feelings
    Senses All Emotions
    Floating Balancing Soaring
    Peaceful in Tween of High And Low
    Just A Flow That Is No WHere Yet Now to Go
    So Naked
    SMiLes Miriam
    in the Pinnacle of
    my Work Career That
    Place Where ya Have the
    Highest So-Called Title And
    the Most Pay And Pay Grade too
    It’s True in that Place of Darkness All
    Spent For What it Means to Be Human
    The Words Joy and Happiness And Bliss
    Were As Far Away As Fearless Love Then
    Play Was An Activity in Another World And
    Eventually So Many Years After That i Constructed
    A Place Then of “Visiting The Garden of Band Aid”
    Yes A Gratitude Tree for All the Positive Parts of my
    (Aka Blog
    Life i
    Then 24 Hours
    on my 53rd Birthday
    And i Linked The Definition
    of Hope Through All 6,000 or
    So Words of Effort i Was So Determined
    to Escape the Pain and Numb of 66 Months
    i Had No Idea Then on the 6th of June of 2013
    Just a Month and 13 Days And i Would Return to
    The Colors oF LiGHT Beyond All The Pain and Numb
    on a Beach So Beautiful Where i Live Just one With
    Sugar White Sands Emerald Green Gulf Waves
    Sea Oats Swaying In Breeze and Sea Gull Wings
    Spiraling the
    Sun Yes the
    Bliss of All
    Emotions Whole
    Regulating All Floating
    in Balance Eternally Now Then
    And For The Play of A Child i Lost
    And For The Joy of A Child i Lost
    And For The Happiness of A Child i Lost
    And For The SMiLes Lost in A Bottomless Pit
    It Wasn’t Enough For me to Have These Gifts
    So i Set out on What is now Almost 106 Months
    To Give It All Away to Others And to Record The Gift
    As Well And Give and Share That All Away for Free
    After Collecting Over 2,000 Photos of Ecstatic Joyful
    Photos in Peaks of Flowing Dance With Others i Let my
    Psychiatrist See a Collage of 100 Or So of the Photos that
    i Saved As Facebook Profile Pics And He Said He Couldn’t
    For the Joy
    Still Lives in
    Ecstatic Faces of Loving Life…
    If i Ever Forget i Went to Heaven i Surely
    Won’t Have to Look Far For A “Garden of Band-Aid”
    To Remember It is Truly A Wonderful Life And to Feel
    my Decision not to Jump off A Bridge With the Suicide
    A Real
    And Lasting
    Difference in this World…
    This Play This Joy
    This Happiness
    Loving Life For Real
    Yes This Bliss Now
    Of Eternal Balancing
    All Feelings Senses
    Emotions Whole
    This Free
    Song Breathes
    my Soul LiveS ETernAlly New..:)


  2. In between all the medical appointments and garbage I’ve had to deal with (along with the joy), I have found a special joy in reading, almost daily, the end of the second book of my trilogy, in what is, after all, a mainstream love story.

    Only my beta reader and one trusted reviewer have seen it yet. I’m trying to free up the time to finish the cover, to format, to publish.

    I don’t know where the words came from, but I wouldn’t change a jot or tittle, and they’re perfect. The middle book, the sophomore effort, does not sag.

    I will share it as soon as I humanly can, but meanwhile I know it exists, and I can read when nothing else satisfies. It is an odd special state of joy. This one you earn.


  3. “If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”
    ― Joseph Campbell


  4. Joy! I think you inspired me to choose that word for 2022. I have just read “The Book of Joy” which is Doug Abrams and dialogue with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama in 2016. These are two people who are advanced beings ( IMHO) and what they have to say on the topic of Joy and how to get it into your life is fascinating. I am going to write a review of the book over the weekend .


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