It had been paradise, until it wasn’t

It had been a lovely apartment. She remembers it being a large living room that seemed like a ballroom. And the echoes made it fun to sing out loud. Even with her non-singing voice. It had been paradise, until it wasn’t. And, that was the story of her life.

She had started this journey this year going back place to place. Looking from the outside, remembering what had happened inside. This hasn’t been easy. But it was a way to oddly soothe and self- heal. That fire escape was everything. The loveliest exit of them all. But she never wanted to run away like that ever again. No more.

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  1. Leaving a life you have known to throw themselves at the mercy of strangers is not that easy. From the outside it looks easy yet those that do often find themselves exploited for political agenda etc. Walking out is easy; rebuilding a life shattered afterwards is daunting and hard which is why the abused victims go back so very often.

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