Let’s do better

I can be talking about anything. Bring there more for our kids. Creating better reports at work. Standing up to the bullies at both the watercooler and at the local bar. Silence allows contempt and misinformation to take hold. Not allowing a group of self-righteous know-it-alls dictate (incorrectly in terms of business) chastise an incorrect step.

Sometimes we take the walk of shame. Not the one after a one-night stand. But the one where we knew what a problem is and yet we support destructive power structures. Our hearts can only take many were not allowed to draw strenght stonger.

At thr end of the day, let’s do better

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  1. I liked the part of:

    “… a group of self-righteous know-it-alls…” 😂

    We can relate this not only to business but to any field in life, like society, politics, etc…

    Thanks a lot, you put a smile on my face!



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