I once knew a director of pen supplies

In the United States, and especially in non-profits, titles are a funny thing. They are sour grapes layered in molasses with a sprinkling of unwarranted narcissism. Yes a mouthful. Maybe not even understandable.

Americans put a lot of weight behind a title. Self worth is tied to salary, title and even office size. I’m no different as that is the environment in which I grew up. Well, that I was dropped into. I grew up poor in the South Bronx but at a young age became immersed in a different environment. Then one day I laughed mightily when I heard of an absolutely horrible person in the office being promoted to director pen supplies. She would literally open up a closet door and put a little table up front and dole out supplies. Now, if you bought her avon products from her side hustle, your supply bag was more plentiful. I wish I was making this up.

Tonight, I was reminded of this craziness when I realized that I have a so-called an important title but I’m tired of it. Wrong assumptions are made. Blame is readily doled out. And, with an important title you are apparently no longer human no matter how much empathy you feel and sleepless nights you enounter to try to make the world a better place.

We’ve heard “war, what ever is it good for?” The same apllies to the randomly doled out title of nothing. The same applied to the supposed title of power in a place where such a title will always put a target on your back. I think I want next title to be that of chief wonder woman truth lasso yielde. That, should be fun.

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  1. True How Shallow or Deep Titles May Come And Go
    Hehe Even ‘Wonder Woman Truth Lasso Yields” NoW In

    What Brings Causal Effects in Life Yet True Numerology

    Puts Much Emphasis on Born on Date Titles As Names

    Oh My Gosh, At Least You Probably Didn’t
    Have An X-Catholic PHD Grandfather
    Priest Schooled in Limerick Ireland

    Who Used to Dine With Einstein
    In New, York New York, in Rather
    Exclusive Socialist Circles for

    Scientists as My Grand

    Father Wrote A Book
    “Behind The Dictator’s”
    Still Available Free Online
    in PDF Form To Read Now
    On How the Catholic Church
    Last Century Provided Some Support From
    The Pulpit Then Same As ‘Trump Ways’ Today

    So While My Father Didn’t Do A Whole Lot With
    The Name Assigned to Him That i ‘Juniorly’ Received

    too Yet a First Name That Means Peaceful Ruler Frederick
    A Second Name Arthur That Means Strong Bear King And

    A Sir Name Hidden From All View That Means Keeper of the Land

    That’s A Lot
    of Responsibility
    to Put on A New
    Born Baby Hehe

    So i Changed it to
    KATiE MiA FredericK

    With Three Meanings as Yes
    Katie is Defined As Pure and
    Mia is Defined As Family And
    or Close to God As Derivative
    of Michael Per That Angel too

    And Yes on Page 8 of Karen Armstrong’s
    Book on the ‘History of God’ A Mix of Sand
    And Water For Silt Reflecting That Last Name
    of Keeper of the Land is Yes The First Known

    Assigned to God

    As Some Folks Suggest
    Still Keeper of the Land Now Overall too…

    Yet of Course i Am Referring Back to the Original
    Sir Name Here Hehe Hidden From Total View Yet it
    Doesn’t Matter i Don’t Exist Anywhere on the Internet
    With A Search on my Original X-Catholic Irish Priest Given Junior Name

    True It’s a Different Situation Totally With “Aghogday” That is the Name i Used
    Living in Hell For 66 Months That Basically is An Acronym For “Another Ground
    Hog Day”

    AS iN Hell
    With All Pain
    And Numb And
    No Human Emotions

    Every Day is Forever in
    Hell Now Never Changing
    No Escape Not Even Then A
    Memory of A Feeling of A Smile

    Yet Don’t Let me Bore You With that
    Old Over-told True Story as KATiE MiA

    Is Also An Acronym for “Kind Autistics Taking
    in Everything in Mindful Awareness” As True Some

    Autistic Folks Have Super Charged Senses and Empathy
    With Super Tuned Mirror Neurons as in my Case That Causal
    ‘Lasso Yield’ Intuitive Effect Arises to Levels of ‘Miror Touch Synesthesia’
    Which Means When i Tell Someone i Feel them i Really Literally Feel them

    Even From

    No Matter
    Who They Are

    Other Than That
    Katie Mia Frederick
    Hits the Jack Pot of
    888 In Alpha Numerical
    Ways of English Gematria
    However Yuck So Does the
    Name “Donald J Trump”
    Yet NO, Not When Ya
    Spell Out His Middle

    Name Thank God Hehe
    Yes i Told You That Trivia
    Note Before When i Look it up
    on Google Search it Takes me
    Back to Your Site From Before HAha

    In New York of Course Birthplace of
    My Father in Long Island in 1932
    Close to the Summer Solstice
    on June 20th When i Was
    Originally Scheduled
    to Be Born too
    in 1960 Yet
    The Doctor Went
    on Vacation And Induced
    Labor Two Weeks Early

    Where i Got the Triple Sixes
    on my Driver’s License From
    As Terrified ‘Fundie’ Walmart Cashiers
    Carded me then for a Beer in my 40’s
    Occasionally when i Drank one to
    Relax As they Viewed My Driver’s
    License with 6.6.60 Anyway in

    Yes Regular Born on Date
    Full Name Numerology

    i Hit the Jack Pot of
    Life Challenges With
    0 at Start For Free Will
    Also Related to the Tarot
    Fool Card of Number 0 Too

    And For the Next Three Numerology
    Life Challenges in Life 1 and 1 and 1
    Again Which Only Means i Need Affirm
    Whatever Free Will i So Wish to Do in Life

    As i May Do Like My Father’s Senior Motto
    Said in School And Just Work At A Military
    Bowling Center and the Such for A Couple
    of Decades Like i Was Part of a ‘Big Lebowski
    Movie’ or ‘Cheers’ As the ‘Norm’ of a Big Dance Hall For 6 Years

    As My Father’s Class Motto Was “Don’t Do Today What You May

    Put Off Tomorrow,” Yet Father Fred’s Identical Twin Ted’s Motto Was
    A Different Ted-Talk Altogether As he Chose A Senior Class Quote Motto

    Of “I dare do all that may become a man. Who dares do more is none.” From
    Shakespeare And “McBeth” Yet True What is IT Really That Makes A Man What

    Is it Really

    That Makes

    A Human Being

    Only Name i Wanna

    Be Remembered By Is: Love

    As The Third Meaning of Katie
    Mia Frederick is the Fact That The
    First Name is Short For my Wife Katrina
    And Mia is Her Middle Name And When i Was

    Aghogday in Hell For 66 Months i Just Wanted
    To Be The Love of Her And my Mother And Sister Again…

    And What’s A Moral oF A STory Here Life May Be As Complicated

    As We

    it or the
    Feeling of
    A Four Letter
    Word For All that
    is DarK Thru LiGHT iN Life…



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